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January 29, 2005

The depths of campus

Ok I am blogging from Computer Science on a saturday afternoon, what the hell am I doing here? I originally came onto campus to go to the Gym, which I did, for the first time this term I did a solid hours exercise. It didn't completely knacker me either. Question is why did I come to computer science instead of going home? I really have no idea, I guess I'll go home when I get bored here.

I know I haven't blogged in ages, I meant to blog on thursday evening (early hours of friday really) after returning from DV8 in Birmingham but it was 4am before I returned and I fell asleep fairly quickly, and then I was up again at 9am on friday and didn't get home till 6:30, most of the evening was spent doing nothing constructive and napping. Anyway I'll get onto what I actually planned to say on thursday evening…

It was a good night out but, oh my god, it was the most depressing night ever. I know that sounds contradictory, how could it have been a good night but yet been the most depressing one ever? Well it was a good night because its always nice to escape the saneness of Rainbows, there are also far more members of pride that make the trip out. Lets also not forget to mention that the amount of unbelievably hot talent is much greater at DV8 than Rainbows. Ok so they were the good points, now for the bad:

Basically it was very depressing to watch everyone else pulling and me sat there not doing, I know it's my fault. I don't really try to, I don't dance for a start which doesn't help. I am too shy to approach anyone, and should I get myself into a conversation with someone I like then I am absolutely useless at trying to turn it in my favor, I even struggle to be flirty. I spent most of the night either sat or stood with this other guy who I think is quite cute, we talked alot about random stuff but it never went any further than that, I don't know whether he was interested or not, I never really found out because I didn't try to make any move, and from talking to him I am pretty sure I would have to be the one to make a move before he would show if there was interest.

To top it all off, at the end of the night I was watching over the group dancing, and one of the group manages to pull a guy who I thought was sooo absolutely cute, he could have pulled any other cute guy in there and it wouldn't have been depressing but he managed to pull the one who I had been oggling for a long time, I should be pleased for him really, its not as though I'd have been in there if he hadn't pulled cute guy. So there you go, it was incredibly depressing, but despite that the night went fairly quickly and was enjoyable.

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