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January 23, 2005

New Regime

Wow I don't know what happened, it has been a week since I blogged, I think thats the longest I've gone blogless since I started. Its not as though I had nothing to say, I have had a couple of ideas over the week although now I have forgotten them all which is annoying. Anyway I have decided I might try a new regime, in an attempt to be a more healthy, hardworking me, plus it may mean I actually bother to blog more.

The plan: To get up at 6am every morning whatever time I start lectures, and to aim to go to bed at about 11pm each night. Getting up and going to bed at these times should enable me to do a few things. It should allow me to eat more healthily. They say you should eat the most at breakfast, have a moderate lunch and have very little for tea, very much the opposite to most peoples eating habbits. Getting up at 6am should give me time to cook and eat a nice meal each morning.

So I plan on starting tomorrow morning, be prepared to see a very bloodshot-eyed Chris around campus now, it will be nice if I can achieve it and keep it up but it seems unlikey as I am terrible at going to bed before midnight but I have to try as I believe a healthier lifestyle leads to a more productive one.

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