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November 21, 2004

Bassett's Licorice Allsorts

…well less of the Bassett's Licorice and more just the allsorts, as a quick sidenote I don't actually like Licorice.

Firstly I'm loving the weather, It's really starting to feel like winter; frozen car windows, beautifully clear night skys and sub zero temperatures, but most of all the breif snow we had. Unfortunately because I was workingat Asda at the time I didn't really get to see any snow or to stand by a window gazing at in total awe and excitement. I really hope we have more later!!!

Well it's that horrible time of year again when student housing for the following year has to be discussed and sorted out. Last year this wasn't too much of a problem, there was a change in numbers but the general concensous was to live in Leamington again, this year is different though; because we are all finalists we have the chance to apply for campus accommodation, now this is all fine and well if we get a place (although I would prefer to stay here) but if we don't then its a whole different kettle of fish, and a somewhat more complex one at that.

So say we don't get onto campus; there's John and Mike who would prefer Canley or Cov but will go with the majority, then there's Tom that wants to live in Canley without question and then there's Ryan and myself that want to stay here in Leamington. I have a feeling that if John and Mike decided to live in Canley as Tom would like that Ryan would follow anyway as he would still want to live with the guys, as for myself I am unsure, my job is here in Leam, my car is more justified, and I like the drive.

The question is who would I live with? The advantage to living with the guys is that I know exactly what they are like to live with. That doesn't mean I totally enjoy living with them, sometimes they really piss me off (although they dont know it) but at the end of the day we all get on without problems, living with someone new would be strange but the change of scene may be very good for me. I guess I'll have to look into various options should it occur that we can't get a place on campus.

I can't believe we're just about to start week 9 already, i've already been working at Asda for a month and i've now been going to the gym every weekday for the past 5 weeks. It's scary how quickly it has gone! So far it has been a very productive and enjoyable term, I've gotten that desperately needed job which I really should have gotten last year, I've started a very regular gym routine which makes me feel much healthier and alive and most importantly I've made a huge effort to get to know people at Warwick Pride which will be useful when I execute my plan to take over the exec… muhahahahahahahaha

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