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January 10, 2005

Why oh why…

…do we do it to ourselves? We were set a lab report to do before the christmas holidays due in today at 1pm, thats 5 whole weeks to complete it. So why is it that come 8:30pm last night I still hadn't started it? I decided it may be a good time to start, so I pack my bag in preperation to spend all night doing it and head off to campus to spend the night in DCS, I get there and the bloody place is locked.

Why was it locked? Apparently due to fire alarm problems, so I head off to the leaning grid which I've never been too, It's really posh in there and was quite busy, but there wastwo major problems; there is wireless internet and thus MSN access, and it was far too warm, I was nearly sweating in just a t-shirt. So I couldnt stay there, next stop maths, I was suprised my card got me into the building and then even more surprised it would let me into a computer room, although if it hadn't I would just have sat in reception as I've done before.

It was at this point that words were finally put to word document. I wrote my summary and then decided I was going to go to a friends in Earlsdon who also has the report to do, I arrive there at about 11:30pm, I wrote about another 1000 words whilst there despite the MSN distractions but at 2am took a break for over an hour and at 3:30 decided it was time to move on, so back to campus it was, I decided to try the learning grid again, as it would be quieter and cooler and even though MSN works the only people online were those in a similar situation.

I stayed in the learning grid till just gone 6am, during my time there I manages to get to about 1,850 words, tried to print it but then couldn't find the printer it had printed too (or any others for that matter). I must have wandered round looking lost and confused at least 6 times, I gave up in the end, especially as Natalie couldn't help me. By the time 6am came round I really needed a break, I decided on a walk around campus till 6:30 when I would be able to get into DCS, so I drove round from University house and parked in car park 15, and set of across campus, it was a bit windy and there was a fine wind but it was refreshing. I really enjoyed it, I also noticed that some of the signs with directions on light up in a really cool shade of blue.

So I was in computer science just after 6:30, I think the cleaner was surprised to see me, I wasnt too productive in the hour and 45 mins I was their, got my word count up to about 2,400 and just had my conclusion left to write. I then met the friend from Earlsdon at the bustop at 8 and we went to Engineering to finish off our work, by 8:30 I had written the worst conclusion ever and got to about 2,650 words and had enough, I printed the damn thing off and handed it in and headed of to Costcutters for food.

I only had one lecture today at 11 and planned on going to it but as it was only just coming up to 9 I decided I would go to a friends lecture to pass the time, I really couldn't stay awake in it and ended up sleeping for about 20 mins on and off, afterwards I decided it would be best to skip my lecture and head homewards, once home I went to Asda and sorted out a few things, I eventually feel asleep at about 12pm, so I was only up for 27 hours, not too long really.

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