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November 09, 2004

Pride Awareness Week

For all those unaware it's pride awareness week. There are many things planned for the week, or whats left of it anyway. On monday night Warwick Pride took over Top B and ran what we affectionately called Bent Banana! No doubt there's loads of straight people wandering round grumbling about us 'flaunting' it.

Bent B was a good laugh, even though I did spend the whole night sat in Cholo with a laptop because I was running the wonderful message board on the projector screen. You wouldn't believe the number of times people asked me what I was doing. We had some interesting messages up there and quite a laugh, but there was one message that was especially interesting.

Right at the end of the night two lads came up to me and decided to use the message board to their advantage, they asked me to put this message on screen; The girl in the blue top with the blonde hair is the most beautiful girl in the union without question signed David Poulter & John Gray. The girl in question had just stated to wander off when the message eventually appeared on screen so they followed her and dragged her back to look at the screen, and would you believe it, one of them managed to pull her, they exchanged mobile numbers!

So at least pride can't be accused of not helping out straight people too! Anyway Pride has a stall in Cholo all this week offering free extra strong condoms, leaflets and information. There's also a competion to guess a large bears number of sexual partners. You can also join the society there or sign the petition for more funding for sexual health clinics. For more information about this weeks events visit the website

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