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January 09, 2005

This summer

That's it, I've decided, I'm going on holiday this summer. What I plan on doind may seem a little strange to some of you. I plan on going alone, completely alone and I don't plan on leaving the UK. I am going to spend roughly two weeks travelling around the UK in in my car with little more than my digital camera, my laptop, some food, a good book or two and a tent. Not your conventional holiday by far.

I plan on going more or less as soon as the summer term ends, I will start by heading off towards Scotland, perhaps right up to the very north, and then slowly work my way back down the country west side of the country to be in Southampton on the 7th of July to see Oasis live. Then after that I may make a couple of stops in the south east before returning home.

Although I am planning on taking a tent I plan on basically living in my car for two weeks, I shall probably end up sleeping in it too here and there. I shall spend most of my days either driving about or just taking in the outside air perhaps while reading a book sat on a hill or taking a photo or two of various things like the sunset. I may also visit the odd sight, and do a bit of walking but nothing too strenuous. I plan on keeping a journal type thing whilst I am away, which I will hopefully transcribe onto my blog when I return.

I shall be taking my laptop so that I can transfer the photos off of my camera, and as I will have it with me I may as well use it as a journal. I will of course be taking my digital camera, and shall also be buying a tripod to take along. I may even take a normal SLR camera so that I can take some really decent shots, especially in strange lighting conditions, like at sunset. My new mp3 player will also be coming along to keep me entertained whilst driving around. I will also be needing some kind of gas cooker, and associated cooking tools as I don't play on buying all my meals. A sleeping bad will be essential, and a tent and my camp bed will also come in useful even though I will probably spend most of the nights sleeping in the car wherever I happen to stop.

At the moment I don't have the route particular planned out, I am open to suggestions of places worth passing by, and also suggestions of a good book or two to read whilst i'm away. I'm not sure exactly why I want to do this, travelling isn't something I have ever had an interest in, but this holiday has now become something I really want to do, 2 weeks on my own, to think about whatever I want, not to be tied down to anywhere or anything in particular, time to myself and maybe even reflect upon myself.

I look forward to spending nights staring into the starry night sky, days spent looking out over vast distances of nothing but beautiful landscapes. It's a very tranquil dream which I am now determined to do, it will cost quite a bit in petrol but very little else, I am going to start saving now for it. You probably all think I am crazy, 2 weeks alone, travelling around nowhere, perhaps it would be less crazy if I went backpacking across Europe but that's not what I want to do, as I said, I have no interest in travelling, I just want a solitary holiday in which I can consider life.

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