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December 06, 2004

Lost for Words

Not really had much inspiration today for a blog entry but as I was using the online Oxford English Dictionary to look up the word Inertia to show Mother its not just used to describe objects at rest I came across the "Lost for Words" link which basically picks you a word at random and gives you the definition. The word it picked for me was 'multistratified', I'm determined to write a blog entry aoround this word so here goes, first lets have the definition for those who don't know it.

multistratified, a. – Having or composed of several layers.

I believe we are all multistratified, and in many ways too. Not only are we composed of many layers of tissue; bones, muscle, skin etc but I believe we also have many non-physical layers. The shallow amongst us just see the physical layers and look no further, then there are the people that don't pay any attention to the physical layer (these aren't necessarily just the ugly ones of us), these people are the best as looks don't matter to them, just personality. I personally believe I fall somewhere in between.

I do judge people on looks at first although we all have our own preferences and find different physical features attractive, personally I find the face a big factor in whether a guy is attractive, the body isn't so important but that's not to say it doesn't matter to me at all though. This does seem very shallow of me but personality is also very important, if that really hot guy is a complete knob then I'd stay well away, in fact i'd probably no longer find him attractive. I know its a little shallow because the slightly less attractive guys fall lower down my list even though they may be the best guy ever to cross my path, but I'd only have to talk to these guys for a short while to realise they are cool.

On a random note, a guys hair can make all the difference, I much prefer non-gelled hair as I love playing with a guys hair but the problem is that I can find a guy with styled hair very sexy. I also find hands very sexy and could spend hours just playing with a guys hands, stroking them, holding them and just generally admiring them.

I think I've sucessfully shown a few of my own layers and demonstrated how people are multistratified. For those interested the atmosphere is also multistatified, it has many different layers, the closest being the troposphere containing 75% of the Earth's atmosphere and also where the weather system happens, next is the stratosphere containing the ozone layer, thirdly is the mesosphere which is where shooting stars happen, then we have the thermosphere which absorbs and bounces back the suns rays, finally is the exosphere which extends to 40,000 miles above the Earth's surface, this layer and the thermosphere make up the upper atmosphere.

So there we go, thats my entry on 'multistratified', not only have we learnt about the human race we've learnt a little bit about the Earth and science. For those that didn't already know what the word meant, well you've learnt some new vocabulary.

Home Sweet Home

I'm back home now in lovely Dinnington, Sheffield. Has much changed? Not a huge amount, Safeway is now a Tesco which I've yet to go into and our bathroom is now a very deep vibrant shade of purple which is very overpowering but other then that things are pretty much the same.

I've started working at Asda in Handsworth, there are a few creases which still need to be ironed out but in general its not too bad, at least the tills are identical so for the most part their isn't much to learn other then a few things about how the store operates. I also need to speak to them about my shifts as I think they want me to work the day I'd like to go to London.

I don't know why but my room at home feels much more cosey then my Uni one, I think it must be the soothing blue and yellow paint unlike the white paint in Leam and the fact my room is smaller here. It's nice to be back, especially as it seems much more like winter here then it did in Leam. I'm enjoying after coming home from work and sitting down to realise that I don't have anything to be doing and can just relax for the evening!

I've already started think about what christmas presents I'm going to get everyone and I even bought some christmas cards last week as I enjoy sending them, I will need to get a few peoples addresses this year though as I've made a few more uni friends that are at home for christmas. If anyone wants to be on my christmas card list (yes i'm sad enough to actually have a list) then send me your address, I'll be asking a few people for their addresses anyway! For those of you worried that you'll have to send one in return if I send you one then don't be, I don't expect one in return although it would be nice and greatly appreciated! :)

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