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May 11, 2005

Fulfilment of Request from a Blacker Soul


This one is called "Claire"

Claire has a name we all know
a name we all love
a name we all heed
it's "Claire"

We think it and we see,
We speak it and she turns,
We hear it and we turn and see her turning
Because she heard it too

Claire! The Greeks had it right
inventing such names with meaning
that races from the mind and explodes and
shatters into
a thousand meanings – Bright, Shining, Clear!

And it's her name.


This one is called "Ray's mantra"

Manta ray
Manta ray
Manta ray
Went Ray's mantra

Manta Rays of the deep blue sea
Or shallow sea
Even seas that are medium depth
And have rays in them

Ray knew it like he knew his own name…
The rays were in there, his mantra for mantas
mantraing like a repeating mantra about mantas.

Foolish Ray.
Foolish ray.

also Jelly.

May 10, 2005

Poems from a Blacker Soul 2

This one is called "Death lies naked on my porch"

Get off


This one is called "Light of the World"

The dark darkness is dark
It darkens around me
Darker and darker
Until it's really dark

I can't see in this dark
It's too dark to see
In the darkness
Nobody can see anything
except the dark

Oh pulchritudious fate!
Why did you make it so dark so late?
The Greeks had it right,
They used lots of light
And candles.

So the darkness remains
And I slip on the icy floor
And hurt my elbow
In the dark


This one is called "Meta Meta Four"

A like a B like a C
Like a D
All is like All
is Like none

Like a meta-metaphor
it's like it being like something it isn't
but still being like it it's like the act
of being like it

The likeness is like liking what cannot be liked
or is liked in a way that one thing is like another
But it's only like it
Otherwise it'd be a simile


This one is called "Star Bright"

The stars twinkle
Twinkle like an eye
A starry eye, twinkling
Like a twinkling star

Star bright!
Yet so dull
With blasts of heavenly rays
Of darkness

Look at the stars above
The Greeks had it right
About the stars

And I lay in a blanket
Of lonelyness
Underneath the stars
And clouds and moon and aeroplanes


This one is called "Yeah, Yeah"

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah

To it all.


If you want the Blacker Soul to write you a poem, please contact him at spockstension(at) with your topic

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