May 17, 2005

Everyone was doing it… I just wanted to be popular

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Total Volume of music on my computer
10 Gig. That's excluding my CDs, and random scattered music, stuff on my MP3 player I got off ppl and haven't downloaded, files Winamp throws a fit over, and files I haven't sorted yet.

The last CD I bought was
Probably Jordan Rudess' Rythm of Time… although I have to say I'm not certain. I got Transatlantic's SMPTE probably before that rather than after, and I do now want a copy of Kino's album Picture but I'm too lazy and cheap to get it right now.

Song playing right now
My playlist is completely random. There is no song playing right now. So… I will open winamp, put my music in and click play. It comes up with:

Journey – Faithfully

Fair enough.

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me
Feck, only FIVE? Okay..

1. Spocks Beard – The Good Don't Last
Damn right.

2. Heaven Knows – Squeeze / Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
This sort of defeats the point of this excercise but these are two songs that hold nothing but memories for me… so it's not the music but the meaning of them that's important here. Both make me cry and I have a hard time listening to them – both for very different reasons… but, as all good things, it's to do with girls. Long stories.

3. Transatlantic – Stranger in Your Soul
I tell everyone this is my favourite song. Or I would if people asked. Okay I never tell anyone this is my favourite song.. and that's because I don't have a favourite song. However this song IS possibly the best use of hard disk space in the known world. If you haven't heard it, hear it. I don't just mean listen, I mean concentrate on it – HEAR what's going on… it's absolutley gorgeous.

4. Porcupine Tree – Linton Samuel Dawson

…seriously though, Porcupine Tree take up a fair wedge of my listening time, I just can't pick one… Baby Dream in Cellophane, Stranger by the Minute, .3, Sound of Musak, Gravity Eyelids, Blackest Eyes, Heartattack in a Layby.. you see my predicament here. So I just picked the one I cannot reach the end of and still be in a bad mood.

5. Liquid Tension Experiment – Universal Mind
OOoohh so difficult to choose an LTE song, but this one gets a lot of airtime in my head. "Hourglass" and "When the water breaks" close contenders here. I adore most, if not all LTE music, but this one is pretty amazing to drive to, and gives me aspirations to suck less at keyboard playing.

I avoided saying anything by Replica X – because it would have seemed arrogant (arrogance is not warranted for my talents), but I love playing many of the RX songs, especially 'Ninjas and Eternity.

Other hereforto unmentioned bands that don't fear the "next" button include: Symphony X, Aryeon, Freak Kitchen (and Mattias), Liquid Tension Experiment, Neal Morse, Pain of Salvation, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Tony McAlpine's CAB, and maybe a little Tower of Power. Oh and A.C.T. Anyone who is into the band A.C.T. who I don't know of must e-mail me right now because you've obviously got taste. If there's enough people I'll make an ACTSoc.

The Five People I'm passing The Baton On To:
I'm not "passing the baton" to anyone! Please put in your own knob joke here.

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