January 29, 2006

My cities

Follow-up to Just for starters from City - The Musical

Don’t spend too long on it guys, just a quick guide…

Cardiff – local, casual, stadium
Newport – hopeful, sad, shadowed
Swansea – seaside, popular, students
Bristol – green, education, theatre
London – intimidating, dominating, underground
Birmingham – prosperous, exciting, buzzing
Coventry – downtrodden, forgotten, yearning
Manchester – gay, Chinese, football
York – old, grave, history
Leicester – football, family, life
Liverpool – rebirth, unpretentious, colloquial
Dublin – alcohol, art, travellers
Edinburgh – fun, cold, cramped
Paris – open, market, theme parks
Amsterdam – memorial, water, cheese
New York – snow, disappointing, snow
Barcelona – ice-cream, swimming pools, measles

Just for starters

Hi guys,

Thought an idea might be to log all the cities each of us have been to and maybe give like 3 words to describe the place or things you noticed most about it to save time next week just going…"...and then I went to such-and-such and then to such-and such…blahblahblah…"
Just 'comment' on this entry to leave your mark!

Lots of love
A xx

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