March 13, 2007

Some thoughts

Government attracts criticism.  Are New Labour any different from the alternatives? (or should that be the other way around?)  Would the culture of cronyism exist if the Conservatives were in power? Is that a stupid question?

Why can't people get past the outdated concept of patriotism? Oh no, we're giving up our sovereignty to Brussels. No, we're moving to a European sovereignty.  Yes it needs work, but that's why we should engage with the EU even more than at present.

Is Iran our "enemy"? or are we theirs?  Why wouldn't Iran want to develop nuclear weapons? As the West scramble to help North Korea in return for their cooperation (post-nuclear test).  If ever a country needed "regime change" its North Korea, and yet what do the West do? Provide them with fuel aid and help shore up the crumbling regime.

Why the hell do people in Northern Ireland have to vote for Sinn Fein and the DUP? Actually, why can the moderate parties not provide a truly attractive choice for voters?  "Excuse me sir, do you want the Republican, Nationalist, moderate Unionist or Staunch Unionist socially and economically conservative party?".  Can we move beyond this tribal politics bullshit and move towards real issues??  Probably not, more's the pity.

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