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March 10, 2008

Some interesting resources that I had lying around
From the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (who by the way commissioned Schultze's book).
Technology in Worship contains quotes from church leaders about how they 'do' technology in worship and there is also links to a survey on visual media in Christian worship - here's a summary of the survey
Article "How to: Use technology to aid you as a worship leader", on pages 12-13 in inside worship magazine (2007 Vineyard Music USA). Gives some wise tips on using & integrating technology into worship. Mentions a guy called David Ruis, who leads worship using all kinds of weird & wonderful technologies - old and new. He was leading some sessions at a national Christian festival (soul survivor) that I went to last summer with some of the guys from the Warwick Christian Union. I have to admit that I actually found it very difficult to engage with his style of worship. It is a perfect example of where technology can alienate members of the congregation (however apparently open-minded or open to technology they may be), while others respond better to it. At the end of the day, worship is about engaging to honour God (eg. singing his praises, speaking biblical truths) and encountering God (developing in relationship with him, hearing his voice/guidance) and so much more. (This is my own pretty feeble definition) 

But before I go off on too much of a tangent, I shall stop here as this is a Computer Science degree project blog, not somewhere to discuss theology... as much as I might like it to be ;-) For more along those lines, pop over to one of my favourite websites, worship central... or even pop into your local church... you might be surprised!

October 23, 2007

First books ordered

The first set of books to read are now well on the way. All from Amazon marketplace as that's the cheapest/easiest/cheerfullest place to get them from :-)

1Beyond the OHP: Using Technology in Church Jackie Sheppard;

2Wired for Ministry: How the Internet, Visual Media, and Other New Technologies Can Serve Your Church John P Jewell;

3Help, There's a Computer in My Church!: Practical Advice for Using Computers in Ministry David Trammel;

4High-tech Worship?: Using Presentational Technologies Wisely Quentin J. Schultze. 

Done some reading this last week or so over the internet - for example, David Lochhead's essays,  various articles on and some surveys on
Also found a chapter on the history of technology in the worship/music context in All About Music Technology in Worship, by Steve Young. Helpfully, Amazon has put the chapter up on the web in it's entirety! Its very brief but gives some nice historical context for music technology in the Church (including how computers have become used for music). 

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