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July 25, 2008

The Final Report and Final Thanks

The end has come! ... for this project.

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped, contributed, showed interest or in any way been encouragement to me through doing this project. A special thanks goes to all those that completed my survey.

Sorry it has taken so long to wrap things up, but I couldn't post the report until exams/results/etc were over. Apologies if you have been waiting to see the final report.

The report can be downloaded below. It is a large PDF file (2.21 MB, 106 pages), so I recommend you download it for 'offline' viewing rather than open it within your internet browser. To do this, right-click the link below and select 'Save Link As...' or 'Save Target As...'.

The Final Report

The report is pretty long, sorry about that! If youare looking for the results of the questionnaire survey, skip straight to page 90 (appendix D) for the summary of the results in the form of colourful graphs, tables, etc. Chapter 3 (page 17) discusses the results and the rest of my research in more detail. I recommend this chapter to anyone interested in the current state of IT in churches and how it could, or perhaps should, be better used. The rest is basically the report on the academic work I have done for this project.

The report refers to a CD that was submitted for marking with the report, unfortunately I cannot distribute this. However, the links on this blog for PSALM have been updated with the submitted version. A few bugs have been fixed since the previous update, but little else. You can download PSALM here.

Finally, thank you to my supervisor, Steve Russ, for all his help in advising me and guiding this project.

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