July 05, 2004


When I was younger, I used to go to 5th of November fireworks displays not far from home (which was Hatfield, in Herts) at a park in Stanborough. I remember these quite vividly, since perhaps due to my age (very, very young – they stopped when I was around 7 years old) seemed to be huge affairs. I also remember burning my hand on a sparkler (do they even sell those these days?) which helps slightly, I suppose.

Last night (4th July being Independence Day) I wandered down to the east river to join the crowds watching the Macy’s annual fireworks display. This was a truly grand affair – there were three different launching sites (one on the east river not far from UN plaza, one further up and for the first time for quite some time, one near to the statue of liberty) firing off in total around 32,000 shells. I was down by Trump tower watching the display from there (it’s a few blocks down from my hotel so rather convenient) and it reminded me of those earlier displays. There were thousands of people watching the display, crowding out most of the local streets, and the atmosphere was pretty electric. I ended up giving a piggy back to a kid whose mother had her hands (or more to the point, shoulders!) full already. Definitely the highlight of my trip – a few more photos are up in
one of my galleries.

Can’t believe I am leaving tomorrow – still so much I’ve not managed to do. On the bright side, gives me an excuse to come back again, of course!

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  1. Cool, nice photos. I can never get fireworks to come out nicely…for a start there are usually too many heads in the way to get a good shot.

    06 Jul 2004, 09:23

  2. Indeed your last photo is really good! I saw a fantastic firework display from a boat on the solent. There was a great crowd of us siting on the beach wall and out on the beach and promenade watching the display. (On Isle of Wight.) It was the best I've seen to date and I also remember the end when the people on the boat switched on little hand torches and waved them, the cheers from the crowd was immense.

    06 Jul 2004, 10:27

  3. I think it depends very, very heavily on the camera. The Canon PowerShot I have (which those pictures were taken with) works very well. I also have a HP 735 (which has an optical zoom, something my Canon lacks) but that has much more trouble – it's not so good at colour reproduction under extremes of bright or dark, and the response time from click-to-shoot is too long (by the time the picture is taken you've lost the shot you were aiming for). The Canon is much, much quicker which helps a great deal.

    07 Jul 2004, 00:02

  4. tracy

    hi im living in hatfield myself and am trying to find a fireworks display near by any one no any web sites i could try

    02 Nov 2006, 21:42

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