October 26, 2004

Much Better …

Follow-up to Yuck! from fake plastic trees

The iPod Photo Edition on the other hand, is much better. Bigger disk, synchronise your photo album onto your iPod and show your holiday snaps to people on the colour screen. No video, but hardly the end of the world that this is missing.

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  1. All a snip at $499 for 40GB and $599 for 60GB [sarcasm].

    I have two ipods, so I'm not an ipod hater, but for the sake of a colour screen and ability to look a low res photos, your money is spent better elsewhere.

    26 Oct 2004, 22:39

  2. John Dale

    I agree with Adam. I have a Tungsten T3 which a screen that's both bigger and higher-res than the iPod Photo Edition, and even that is only just any use for looking at photos. I don't see any usable application for this hardware.

    26 Oct 2004, 23:41

  3. The iPod is already overpriced. The introduction of another version which is overpriced is hardly a suprise. You pay a premium for the brand.

    What made the original iPod the killer success were two key features. The first was the hard disk. This meant that most people stopped having to think about the music they want to listen to before they came to listen to it, which was the problem with flash MP3 players – with 64Mb of RAM you had to choose your CD to sync and that was it. The second was the IEE1394 port – at the time, I think the one other hard disk MP3 player had standard USB (there was no USB2 at the time) and the iPod showed that there was a better and faster way!

    So, do any of these translate. Well, the first point does. In the same way that you can carry all your music with you, you can now trivially carry all of your photos (or put it this way, I certainly could – I am sure there are people with larger collections, but since an iPod with a 60Gbyte disk now has more space than the internal disk on most Apple laptops including my own, I'm not likely to hit many problems in the space regard). So you don't need to make any concious decision to work out what pictures you want to take with you.

    To address your point John, Apple have stuck an AV port on the top of the iPod that allows you to connect it to a television. So you can plug it in and fire off your slideshow of holiday snaps round a friends house on their TV - not crouched around the tiny screen.

    Time will tell as to whether there is a market for this, but Apple have got quite good at hitting the spot recently. I would in no way dismiss this as quickly as either of you have – smacks of all those people who, a few years ago, said there was absolutely no market for camera phones. Look at the market today and it's now harder to find a phone without a camera than one with.

    27 Oct 2004, 07:02

  4. True about the camera phones, but they are in the most part just little things to keep the early teens happy. There are a few you can take a reasonable photo on, but the quality of most is just so rubbish its little more than a gimmick.

    28 Oct 2004, 10:52

  5. Camera phones are a good 'gimmick' if you can capture things like this though…


    28 Oct 2004, 11:50

  6. Steven Carpenter

    I'm waiting for someone to put the 40Gb drive in a PDA-style device, or have I missed that already??

    28 Oct 2004, 13:45

  7. Maybe, but you still can't see the number

    28 Oct 2004, 16:07

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