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October 18, 2004

The [un]usual suspects

Writing about web page

This site is full of just the coolest toys I think I've ever seen. My personal favourite has to be the Usual Suspects box set, shown below.

(Yes, that is Keyzer Soze hidden behind the packaging!)

How long, I wonder, before someone with too much time on their hands decides to produce a stop-motion model version of the original film. And what will Bryan Singer1 have to say if they do!

1. Like anyone will care now that he's abandoned X3 in favour of directing the reimagined Superman movie. Pah.

How to establish just how unfit you are …

… in two easy steps.

  1. Buy a new bike after not having owned one for 14 years
  2. Ride it into work

I wouldn't mind but I only live in Earlsdon! And I run around like a lunatic at work (although that's fuelled largely by diet coke, so probably doesn't count!)

It's just like on Blue Peter!

Having just spent the past hour and a bit assembling our incident management process on the wall for the workshops we're giving in ITS over the next few weeks, we now have the side of our meeting room looking something (or even exactly) like this,

I feel slightly like I've just been through a protracted episode of Blue Peter. Give me a badge!

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