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October 10, 2004

Windows Naval Destroyer Edition

In 2007 the first of a set of six new Naval Destroyers, the type 45 – whose task is to defend against air strikes – will enter service. Ok, given that the MOD aren't so good at hitting deadlines, it might be a few years later that the HMS Daring finally enters service.

It might not be the only thing that it has problems hitting, mind you. For reasons best known only to the MOD - 'keeping costs down by using commercially available solutions where possible' apparently – the combat systems on these destroyers are going to be built atop Microsoft Windows 2000. Let's hope they restrain themselves, or we may find Mr Paperclip playing a key role in the defence of the realm.

If this "works" (which I assume will be determined using some measure involving us not hitting as many of our own people as our American allies seem to) then there are plans to deploy the same combat system on our nuclear submarine fleet. Now that is scary. Frankly, I wouldn't trust them to be able to hit the right country, let alone the right target.

[ from Channel 4 News ; there is an older article with more detail on The Register ]

(Almost) Total (AC Adapter) Recall

If you have a Dell laptop bought at some point in the past four years then, unless you like living dangerously, you'd be advised to go visit to find out if it's likely to explode in your face or electrocute you. There are about a million faulty AC adapters out there (990,000) and they've issued a recall for every one of them.

Mind you, if you have a Dell, you may view either of these alternatives as being blessed relief from having to use it.

[ From ]

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