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November 20, 2007


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4 out of 5 stars

Parallel Worlds! Witches! Quests involving Object Retrieval! True Love! False Love!

Stardust puts us in pretty familiar fantasy-adventure territory, tipping its hat respectfully at Labyrinth, but most in debt to The Princess Bride, working off the same formula of fairy tale fuelled by comic cameos, with a smack of the Endymion myth about it too. Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert de Niro enjoy new leases of life in roles that defy expectations of typecasting, while Ricky Jervais also crops up touting his sole comic mannerism to any takers.

Our focus is on an Adventuring chap named Tristan (no relation to Sir Tristan). Fantasy aside, Tristan takes an unfeasibly long time to realise he should be poking Claire Danes, who appears as Star Personified in this Mortal Realm. It all proceeds pleasantly enough, if predictably; it’s well-crafted and enjoyable. Yet there is a Take That song during the end credits, so be prepared to make a hasty retreat.

Be warned that Stardust does get quite mushy, and if your love life falls short of being an amorous idyll at all you may end up tearing off your own arm just for something to hurl at the screen.

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