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June 07, 2009


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Terminator Salvation
1 out of 5 stars

Grrrrrrr! Christian Bale growls as he emerges from some mud.

Roar! Christian Bale shouts as he fires a machine-gun at a robot that has beef with him.

Noooooo! The script-writers have watched Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and think it’s top drama to have upset characters shouting Nooooooooo! to let us know they’re ticked off.

Blair! (Is that character’s first name really ‘Blair’? Really?)

Help! Christian Bale looks around vainly for a way out of this franchise:

The Terminator films didn’t need, or deserve, another sequel. The first two were built around Arnie’s admittedly perfect performance as the relentless robot, and the attendant chase scenes. The films were set in the good old 20th century and the science-fiction storyline was pretty thin, and was alluded to more or less just to facilitate more high-speed chases and blowing things up. Terminator Salvation proceeds without the (now old and busily Republican) lead actor by building on the flimsy sci-fi mythos. From Judge Dredd to The Matrix, tales of machines taking over the world are commonplace, and the direction of a Mr MCG does nothing to avert the dangers of predictable plot and overall unoriginality. Many robots are harmed in the process, but even this seems detached and flat somehow, Bale is wooden and there isn’t an ounce of personality in the whole thing.

a terminator
Smiling doesn’t get you off the hook for this dross, sonny.

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