February 21, 2005

ill again!!

I am feeling ill again. It is really beginning to bug me that I seem to getting ill more often and for longer over the last few months. I am guessing it is because I haven't really being eating properly this academic year and am not doing any proper exercise. I am pretty sure that I have also put on a bit of weight which normally I would be happy about but not when it is all fat so I have decided to get myself back into shape so that I am less vulnerable to illnesses.

So I actually went for a proper food shop yesterday. Everything I bought was healthy and mostly fresh. I didn't quite realise though how much I bought till I got to the cashier and found out that I'd got £40 worth of shopping (though a fair amount of that came from toiletries and the food for the meal I was cooking for all my coursemates). I had 6 bags of shopping to carry home which was not much fun, especially as it was freezing so not only did I have the bags stopping the blood circulating in my fingers, they were going blue cause of really cold weather.

I was so glad when I got in and just dumped everything in the kitchen while I rested for a few minutes. I didn't quite realise how much it had taken out of me so when I got round to putting everything away I wasn't really focusing properly and ended up knocking over the kettle which Ellie had just boiled over the floor and me which wasn't much fun as I didn't have any socks of shoes on.

As a result I just chilled for a few hours till I was feeling a little but if I am honest I was really using it as an excuse so that I could procrastinate further from doing uni work. I don't really know what it is but I really find it hard to start doing uni work but once I do I can't stop myself and get loads done. I finally got started at about 8pm last night and worked solid for about 4–5 hours so I have more or less caught on the Algebra II module and think I understand a good bit of it now.

Woke up today feeling really rough. It seems like the cold weather yesterday hit me hard so I have had a really nasty cough all day. I could have done with a lie in but I had to go to Nuneaton to learn how to operate the bowling machines for the world record attempt. It was a complete waste of time and have no idea why we were made to it but suppose rules are rules.

Got back from that, grabbed some lunch and then had to dash off to campus to play my warwick uni darts championship quarter final match. I wasn't really up for playing giving I wasn't feeling too good but thought it was better to just get it out of the way. Needless to say I wasn't playing great and lost the first leg but then managed to win the next 5 to go 2 sets up and have a 1–0 lead in the second. Mark (my opponent) needed to win the next leg to stay in the match and it was at this point that almost everyone watching starting cheering him on everytime he threw, especially if he hit a good score but if I hot a good score than they said nothing. I know it wasn't anything personal against me, they just wanted to see a come back from Mark but given the nature of the event we are playing in I thought it was a little inappropriate. I was also starting to feel really weak from playing so many consecutive games so Mark went on to win that game and the next one to take it to 2–1 in sets. He then won the next leg to go 1–0 up in the fourth but somehow I managed to regain my composure and won the next 2 legs to win 3–1 overall. This means I have reached the semis of the tournament which was my aim to just hope that I am a lot better for my next match.

Once I got back from campus I had to start making dinner for all the maths gang. I decided to treat them all to my veggie chilli using Quorn mince and loads of vegetables. It's been a while since I cooked for so many people and I was a little bit worried that they may not like the Quorn mince but thankfully it all went ok. There was enough for everyone and they all seemed to enjoy which was good. The only downside is that Emma now thinks I should cook for us all the time when we live together next year :s

Almost once I had cleared everything away and done the washing up I had to go to play more darts in the Leamington singles thing I am part off. I was getting bored of it but it ain't so bad now and there is only 1 more week to go. The one thing I won't miss is all the smoke. No matter where I sit there is always at least one person smoking around me. It means I always come home smelling like a chimney and it certainly didn't help my throat today. Oh well, at least I won my 2 matches and manged to get away early.

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  1. Well done with the darts Chris. Know how you feel about the smoke, it's one of the foulest things in existence if you ask me. Get well soon!

    21 Feb 2005, 02:23

  2. thanx,

    the smoke thing wouldn't bother me if it was just the odd person smoking now and again but just hate the constantness of it.

    21 Feb 2005, 23:04

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