December 06, 2004


This is probably going to come across as a little strange but I am not really all that sure what to make of it.

A few days a go someone added me to their MSN contacts. At the time I had absolutely no idea who he/she was but as a few people I partly know have added me before I just accepted. It turns out that it was some girl from South Korea who found out my address from my blog I have via livejournal (something which doesn't really bother me). I finally got to talk to her today and after the initial introductions etc she tried to send me a picture of her via MSN. I was a bit sceptical about opening it as there was the fear of it being a virus so tried to check it out first but by that time something had failed somewhere down the line. After this, I sent her a couple of pics of me.

This is the strange bit, once I saw the little version of the pic loading I got the worst feeling of deja-vu ever. More or less the whole scenario played out as I had seemingly done before: ie refusing to look at pic due to the possibility of a virus and then sending someone that pic (though I couldn't picture who I sent it too). The thing is I know I have not sent that pic out to anyone before so I have no idea where this deja-vu could have come from.

If this was a one off then I would probably just ignore it but things like this have happened to me for quite some time now. I remember the first time, I was 16 and in French class and my teacher asked some question to which I gave some answer and at that time I got the feeling that it had already happened in the past.

I am not sure what I should make of this because I don't really believe in all this paranormal stuff but this is just a little freaky!!

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  1. I wouldn't worry, its apparently thought to be the odd misfiring neuron in the brain that causes you to think its happened before, something like that anyway.

    06 Dec 2004, 20:28

  2. i am sure there are lots of different explanations … but whatever they are … it is still a little freaky

    06 Dec 2004, 23:53

  3. GenusUK

    I get Deja Vu all the time. It's not just a sense of being there, it's about actually seeing something and knowing you've seen it before. It's hard to describe to those who have never experienced it before. I also get pre-cognitive dreams, can sense when people I care for leave the country are in trouble, can tell people their names etc. I only just started looking into it and the only thing I can accept for now it this; We die, we are given a choice as to the next life we wish to live, we go to that life on earth however some of the memories of what we choose in our "non earth existense" have not been fully erased. To me deja vu is a good sign and means that I am on the right track and should be doing it or be in that place. I know it is hard to believe all this but what I have experienced is too crazy to dismiss and sceptics are wrongs as they don't experience it. I also know I was a small Spanish kid as I remember events that "never happened" on top of this my mother once heard me as a young 9 year old speaking a foreign language in my sleep. I know I was speaking Spanish as I remember the dream to this day. I have thought of past life regretion and seeing if I could speak Spanish. Also I am crap with languages – I learnt French at school for 12 years and still can't speak it. Say what you will.. but there is something out there we know nothing about.

    24 Dec 2004, 11:54

  4. Quetzalli

    I found this blog while I was specifically looking for "deja vu'ers".

    Wavinordrownin and GenusUK, in particular…I hope you come back to receive this message.

    There is current research going on in the "deja vu arena", and you may be able to help that research by filling out a simple questionnaire. It's located at link
    It might make it easier for you if…before filling out the questionnaire…you follow the information link (link) from the questionnaire homepage and read the information posted there by Dr. Art Funkhouser.

    GenusUK, it is as you say, there is something about deja vu and related paranormal experience that we know nothing about. That "something" goes far beyond "misfiring neurons".

    Also, if you happen to know of anyone else who experiences deja vu, deja vecu, etc., please ask them if they could kindly fill out the questionnaire. And if you know of anyone who experiences deja vecu on a perpetual basis, please let them know that this particular questionnaire addresses their situation, and that they can obtain further information from Art Funkhouser. whose email address is available on the above-mentioned deja vu questionnaire site. Thank you.

    14 Feb 2005, 19:15

  5. Ferryman

    I just picked this up whilst doing some general back-up research for my book. Entitled "Cheating The Ferryman" and due to be published in March 2006 (Arcturus Publishing) this book attempts to explain deja vu as part of a greater phenomenon linked to Near Death Experience.

    People who suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy have particularly strong deja vu experiences prior to a seizure ("the aura"). This is brought about by the temporal lobes being flooded by particular neurotransmitter chemicals such as serotonin and glutamate. This effect, on a much lesser scale, occurs to most people from time to time. However this only explains the mechanics, not the experience. In my book I conclude that a deja vu is a 'judder' in the recording mechanism in the brain. It has been long considered (check out the writings of Karl Pribram and David Bohm) that we do not perceive reality first hand. It is recorded in a process similar to holography and then presented to consciousness (for evidence of this delay mechanism and how it can be proven scientifically do a web search on "The PHI phenomenon"). Sometimes the presentation 'jumps' and is presented to consciousness twice. This is a deja vu. For a very interesting take on this watch the sequence with the cat in "The Matrix".

    However this explanation is only partial. In my book I go into much greater detail and, in doing so, I believe that I may have discovered a much more interesting reason for deja vu (and Near Death Experience).

    19 Apr 2005, 10:36

  6. Dan

    I was looking into regretion as I had just witnessed a debate on it. So many times things have happened to me, and I look back and think wait, this has happened. An example is a simple chat in the pub the other night with friends, or even as I was going into Surgery last year (I am a pro football coach) I had a dream and remember it clearly, of My uncle who had recently passed showing me the future, in which i had passed a coaching license, which occurred in the exact way i dreamt about 3 weeks ago. I have always wondered, always believed in after life and the previous life. I just find it strange that these things happen.

    09 May 2005, 23:45

  7. Espiralli

    Dan and Ferryman, and any interested others,

    Having changed my name from Quetzalli to Espiralli, I'm once again surfing the net to find others interested in the subject of deja vu/deja vecu, and I've once again stumbled upon this site. I continue encouraging dv'rs to participate in Dr. Arthur Funkhouser's ongoing "Deja Vu Survey", which can be accessed at link

    The more input, the better.

    Also, I'm posting that link and some others relevant to deja vu/deja vecu at link
    I invite you to join me there.

    P.S. Ferryman, hope to hear more about that book you're writing…

    23 Oct 2005, 03:34

  8. Ferryman

    Hi Espiralli.

    Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. The book is now published. It is entitled ‘Is There Life After Death’ and is published by Arcturus Foulsham. Also I suggest you look at my website Let me know what you think and please let anybody who is interested in the subject know about it.

    Best Wishes

    31 Aug 2006, 10:56

  9. Edi Djuhaedi

    Hi everybody, it is nice to found this site because i am doing deja-stuffs right know. I try to encourage people to quote and share their deja experience and put it on their daily to do list. As for me, deja experience is my very genuine knowledge. Please share your theseday deja experience my site

    06 Dec 2007, 04:31

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