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February 18, 2005

Socs Day update

So yeah, The societies day was great. It started with me helping out in the running of the bullseye competition that darts was doing. Despite being stuck in the Graduate it was a much better success than the last time we attempted it though it did take several attempts to get rid of all the prizes as all the darts people were playing badly :s

After that I had to man the Society Federation stall for about 2 hours. It was the most boring, mind-numbing thing ever and it didn't help that I was the only one on it and had a busting headache and no ibuprofen. Thankfully it eventually went away on it's on accord so I went to the "Animal testing: Where to draw the line debate?" It wasn't really all that good as it was simply filled with a few people from thte bio-medical department and some animal rights activists so there wasn't actually any real debating going on so I had a go at them all for being narrow-minded and not being prepared to at least entertain the other sides idea so that we could have a proper debate on the topic.

I left the debate early as it was getting boring and also had to go back to the Union and set it up for the Awards Party. It was really hectic getting everything put in place and looked as if we would not be completely finished by the time we were supposed to start but thankfully all the sabbs helped out and we got there in the end. The night started off quite slow as not everyone arrived at the start meaning that it was hard for the Brass Band to make much of an impact but everything picked up by the time Street Vibes were performing. The committee were able to chill for a while which was nice. We were generally sat together with the sabbs which I found a little weird socialising with them despite doing it a lot when they were being trained over the summer.

We were meant to give out the awards at 10:30 but as the Big Band were playing some great stuff we let them continue on for an extra 30–45 minutes. They were absolutely amazing and I think highlights why I like being involved with the wide variety of societies that Warwick has to offer. We rattled through the awards quite quickly so that everyone could get back to enjoying themselves asap. The winners were:

Best Society: Photo Soc
Best New Society: Table Football
Most Improved: Codpiece Theatre
Best Social: Chinese Society
Best Non-Social: MORSE

I think the whole night was a major success and much better than last year's Societies Week. Lets just hope that next year's is as good.

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