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February 16, 2005

Working chris :)

I didn't really get off to a good start today as I managed to stay in bed so that I missed both my morning lectures. As a result I made a huge effort to get into the last one of the day but the dam bus went through Kenilworth meaning that I was late so there was no point on going to it. However, I was a good child and went to the library instead where I started sorting out my Algebra II notes. As I went through them I slowly began to understand some of the concepts which makes me feel a little bit happier about getting something out of this year. I just have to make sure that I keep putting the effort in.

Once the lecture was supposed to be over I got all the notes that I missed off Katie and went back to the library and got them all copied up. I think I will have to go over the Differentiation ones again as it is a little complicated but the Intro to mathematical biology ones were easy to understand. I am really loving that course as we are two weeks in and I am still following it easily (I am even pre-empting some of the stuff in it).

I stayed in the library for a good few hours before coming home. Once I did I sorted out my room and did a load of washing. I even got round to cooking for myself (the 1st time in about 3 weeks); I had the best pizza ever. And after that I did more work … I just hope it all continues :)

Hectic weekend, failing my degree!

It's been another hectic weekend. It's weird that I have stopped working in Yates', yet still find myself far too busy to do any work.


Friday started off badly with my test on Metric Spaces at 9am. I was nearly late for it but thankfully just made it in on time. However, it would have been better if I just didn't turn up as I could only answer one question which happened to be the one that wasn't marked … ggrrr. After that I had french, but the teacher forgot to tell us that she wouldn't be able to make it so we were left sat there for a while before someone told us that she left us work to do. I didn't get through it all because of the not knowing at first which means I have more to do this week.

I got home with intentions of doing some work but ended up playing a load of games on Yahoo which meant I got bugger all done. I was supposed to go into work on Friday night but could not be arsed as it was my last shift so ended up going round to Emma's as she was ill and I hadn't seen her in a few days. WE just sat about and watched TV which was really nice.

~~Saturday and Sunday~~

I had the BUSA ten-pin bowling tournament over the weekend. I was very worried about it as I hadn't been bowling well recently and this was a scratch event representing the uni so I didn't have my handicap to fall back on.

We had a 2-hour coach journey up to Nottingham which flew by in no time (ever since I flew and travelled around Australia, a 2–4 car/coach journey feels like nothing). When we got there I was given the choice of whether I wanted to bowl in the 1st, 2nd, or 4th set of games. Rather stupidly I choose the first as I wanted to see Emma bowl and didn't want to wait until the end. That turned out to be a big mistake as Ben and I were the only people bowling so had a good few people watching us and the lanes were extremely wet meaning I found it hard to get any hook. I was terrible and could not hit the head pin to save my life so ended up with a 374 series which I was extremely annoted about. The only real good point of the day was that the C team (which I was in) were beating our B team and the ladies were winning their section.

We had to get up at 5am on Sunday to make sure that we got back up to Nottingham in time for the start of bowling. I was not all that happy about that but I seemed to waken up relatively quickly which was good. I managed to convince Laura to not put me in the 1st round of matches which meant when I bowled some oil had been taken off the lanes. That meant I was getting a good bit of hook on my ball which for the first time in ages I was able to control. I didn't miss the head pin at all in my first 3 games, though I did have a lot of trouble sparing up but thankfully was getting a good few strikes to make up for it. I ended up getting a 116, 146 and 189 to get a 451 series which I was extremely pleased with.

Afterwards my first set of games, myself and a few others decided to go into Nottingham's town centre to get some lunch. We went into a Yates' and I have to say that Nottingham's Yates' is so much nicer than the one in Leamington. It had much better decor, better furniture, the food was served better … everything about was great. On the way back I was beginning to get a little worried about my next set of games as the lanes had been re-oiled which meant I may not get much hook on the ball but that was not the case at all. I started off with a 153, then a 185 meaning I just needed a 162 for a 500 series. I wasn't really thinking about it at the time but I managed to close the first 5 frames when James mentioned it to me. I kinda slipped up after that and just couldn't get any spares on the right hand side of the lane and I was getting too much hook on the ball so ended up with a 159 game which I was still happy about but a little annoyed at just missing out on the 500 series. Oh well!

I am not really sure why everything went right on the Sunday but am pleased it did as I needed the confidence boost. I don't wanna say I had luck on my side as I think it was more the absence of bad luck that seems to have plagued me this season (ask any of my team mates and they'll tell you how bad it has been). I just hope that I can transfer it over to wednesday league bowling. I am not expecting to get close to 500 every week but just start pushing my average up would be nice.

~~Failing my Degree~~

As I was so shattered from the weekends bowling I slept right through my alarms meaning I missed my first 2 lectures. When I finally did get in I realised how bad I did in the Metric Spaces test and how close I am to failing this year. I managed a whole big 1 out of 25 in the test and handed in an assignment with only question done.

The only good thing that I think has come out of today is that I now realise that I really need to get my ass into motion and sort this mess out. If I work hard enough over the next few weeks and over easter, with a bit of luck, I can pull it all back. fingers crossed

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