March 28, 2006

Nearly crying at a film … i'm losing my man–ness :p

It's amazing how a certain film or piece of music or passage in a book can bring anyone to tears (even grown men). I have just spent the last couple of hours watching a film that I haven't seen for a couple of years and whilst I wasn't full on crying/tears down my cheek … I did feel myself well up at times (which is strange because the only other time I watched it this was not the case).

I dunno … maybe I am in one of those funny moods, or my hormones or playing, or the 'stress of revision' (it's in inverted commas cause of the lack of revision), or the fact I am a gayer (and hence devoid of any man-ness :p ), or maybe there was something in the film that I crave, yet don't have, or maybe I am just being stupid … but whatever it is … it managed it.

I really hope this is going to be a common trend for future films :p

January 29, 2006

Uncle Chris

Skye amanda McKeown 6lb3oz

So my sister finally gave birth (5 days late) in the early hours of the morning. Not so sure about the name … but everyone else seems to like it. Sis had to have an energency C-section so hope she recovers from that quickly.

October 28, 2005

Anyone wanna buy a fiver?!?!

Lucinda told me about this but I really didn't believe her. Someone is trying to sell a Northern Bank plastic £5 note which are no longer being made because of the £26million bank robbery in N.Ireland last year.

So for "Your chance to buy a rare UK Banknote; these notes were introduced to celebrate the new millenium. Only 2m were issued and will not be reintroduced given the recent bank heist, which led to a total replacement of all Northern Bank notes. These notes are still legal tender and are made of a special plastic showing the technological achievements of the last millenium – they have clear windows on them for added security. Banknote is in very good condition and a great keepsake for an avid collector." go to here

June 07, 2005

A possible use for blogs?!?!

There were about 8 posts last night whinging about Applied Analysis and it got me thinking about how these blogs could be used by the university and in particular, all of the departments.

I think it would be really interesting if someone did some kind of case study on how many people from each course moaned about their exams (or even just each module within a course) to see if there is any significant difference between courses (or modules).

I am curious to see if there is much difference between things like Maths and English. Do a higher proportion of people moan about the sheer volume of stuff they need to know for the 7–8 maths or chemistry modules they have to do compared to the 3 that english or history people have.

Are people from one degree subject finding it much harder than people from another? If so what is it people are finding so hard? … Why is there such a difference?

I have noticed that one of my lecturers from this year has a blog and has occasionly commented on some of my friends blogs and this got me thinking about whether each lecturer uses this kind of forum for feedback on their module. I mean if I were to write something alone of the lines of Modelling Nature's Non-Linearity is really badly taught and the notes we have bear absolutely no relevence to the assessments we were set then Dr Dave Wood could possibly find that entry and if enough people have mentioned it, then maybe there is a problem.

From what people have been writing last night about Applied Analysis, there clearly appears to be a problem with the module. I have heard all the rumours about previous year's results and I am yet to find someone who has said that Applied Analysis was remotely easy so why is nothing being done about it? I don't expect any module to be easy as such but surely it should be do-able. From what people have written and said to me it appears that it simply contains far too much information, the lecturer doesn't explain things well and exams are completely differnent from year to year.

Is the current way of assessing modules not working? Surely these complaints have gotten back to the Maths department but nothing seems to have been about them as the exact same problems appear to occur the next year. When you think about it how many of you actually fill in the forms we get during and near the end of module properly. Most people just take about 2 seconds to tick the few boxes and from what I gather few people take the time to write down many (if any) comments. I also think some people are also put off by the fact that they know the lecturer is probably going to read about they say and are therefore not likely to say exactly how they feel.

Blogs are different though. Granted things can be written in the spur of a moment and therefore things are probably over-exaggerated a little but people do feel more free to write what they really feel as it is easier because there is always that feeling in the back of your head that no one ever bothers to read the crap that I rant about here.

So yeah, maybe lecturers should be encouraged to read some of the entries of people that have taken their module to get a better understanding of what problems people have been having. Just my 2 pennies worth.

Disclaimer: Modelling Nature's Non-Linearity is an extremely well taught module and the notes are extremely useful for the assessments. I was merely using the above as a possible example :)

June 03, 2005

Proof that girls are evil

First we state girls require time and money:

Girls = Time x Money

As we all know "Time is money":

Time = Money

so Girls = Money x Money = (Money)2

And because "Money is the root of all evil"

Money = √evil

so Girls = (√evil)2

And we are forced to conclude that:

Girls = Evil

I found this whilst searching for some maths thing on the internet … It cheered me up whilst I was revising today :)

February 26, 2005

Insults, Sleep and Suits

Thursday night killed. I started to get really tired at about 5am so stopped doing work and played games on the computer until it was time to get ready for uni. I found it really hard to concentrate in French but thankfully it was more of a revision session than going over anything new. Algebra was awful as I couldn't see the board and just wanted to go to sleep so more or less did. After that I had to play my darts ladder match which I not so surprisingly lost … well if I am honest … I was absolutely caned.

I came straight home after that and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror … I looked like death so I decided that I would allow myself a little 1-hour nap which turned into a 3-hour nap. When I got up everyone in my house was getting ready to go out to Soul Nation. I asked Jenny if she was going, and she said yes, so I then asked what she was wearing and she said what she had on … oops!! She and Jen then started joking around about what I had said so I thought she was joking about what she was wearing so asked what are you really wearing and it turned out that she was going out with what she had on … I am such a fool sometimes but at least she doesn't take offense that easily. I then chilled for the rest of the night before going to bed at a decent hour. I don't particularly want to do an all-nighter again but at least this one was worth it as it has got my body-clock sorted out.

I haven't really done that much today except go for chinese with bowling people again. Afterwards, Emma and I popped into see Stu at River Islend. I was only intending to say hello but ended up walking out with a suit that for the "Maths Ball" I am going to tonight. Between him needing to reach his target of 4 suits and Emma saying I should have one for tonight I had to get one. Though, if I am honest, it will be used quite a bit over the rest of this academic year so will be worth it in the end. Anyway, best get ready for tonight!

February 25, 2005

Let the all nighter commence

So I ended up not getting any sleep last night again which meant I had another massive lie in this morning but thankfully my first lecture didn't start until 2 so I actually managed to get to it. It seems that this virus has messed up my sleep patterns something rotten so I am being forced to do an all-nighter to try and get it all sorted. I'll probably regret it tomorrow when I go into my 10am French lecture but by doing it I should also get a good bit of work done so will be worth it I feel.

I have finally got properly stuck into my essay. I was a bit worried that there wasn't much maths in it but I am slowly turning that round and what is even better: I am actually doing the maths all by myself and not copying it from the book (mainly cause it just gives solutions and not the working out). But I think this what they actually want you to do so hopefully mine won't be all that bad after all.

February 23, 2005

Getting better!

It's quite nice to be able to look at the computer now without having to squint and as a result getting a headache. I felt so so bad yesterday. I got virtually no sleep again so even though I woke up in time for my first lecture I was just so god dam tired and sore that I stayed in bed and therefore missed my first 2 lectures. I struggled in for the last lecture of the day, mainly cause I wanted to grab the notes that I had missed but if I really should have just stayed in bed. Going out into the cold just fucked me right up so by the time I got back I felt as if I was close to death. The rest of the day was spent in bed.

Again, I didn't get a great deal of sleep last night so missed my 2 lectures today. However, I was feeling a little better so I decided to go bowling cause I really needed to get out of the house and I have never missed a wednesday's bowling session since I joined the club. When I got to the Bar where we meet all my friends shouted at me for not being in bed and I knew they were right but I didn't really care.

My first few practice bowls hurt a lot as my muscles ached a little but once I got through them it didn't seem to bother me at all. I wasn't bowling brilliantly which wasn't that big a surprise but I still got some decent scores somehow and ended up with a 466 series. I don't really know what is going on but over the last couple of weeks I seem to have discovered how to control hook bowling. Anyway, despite having only 3 people in our team we managed to get a 3000+ handicapped team series and won our match 6–2 and more importantly topped our group in the team knock-out competition.

More surprisingly, going bowling has made me feel a lot better. I am guessing it cause I have actually gone out and done something. It is not all that pleasant a thought but whilst bowling I did seem to sweat the virus out of me! As a result I have managed to actually get some work done tonight which I am rather pleased about. I just hope I feel ok tomorrow so that I don't miss anymore lectures.

February 21, 2005

Stupid Flu!!

Blah!! I feel so much worse today than yesterday. I think it is the flu I have this time. I didn't get much sleep last night as I had the whole being cold one minute and then boiling hot the next. I gave up trying to sleep at about 2:30am and turned the TV on and watched some French football on Channel 4. I must have dozed off somewhere near the end of the match as the next thing I remember is having to get up for my morning lecture.

I hate mornings with the flu. All I have been doing is sneezing and coughing up all sorts of shit which was not pleasant at all. It didn't help that it was absolutely freezing as well so everytime I had to go outside I froze which can't be helping me at all. I really wished I could have stayed at home in bed but I can't really afford to miss anymore lectures so looks like I am just gonna have to battle through it.

Anyway, got home at about 7pm and just collapsed into bed. I really wanted to sleep but forced myself to stay awake as I really want a good night's sleep tonight. So watched some television. There was a really good programme on Channel 4 about "Freedom of Speech" and "Religion" but will talk about that in another post. Once that was over I forced myself to go and play darts for the pub team I play for. I would have stayed in bed but they really needed me as they wouldn't have had enough players and it was worth it in the end as I won my match and the team actually won its first match in good knows how long.

ill again!!

I am feeling ill again. It is really beginning to bug me that I seem to getting ill more often and for longer over the last few months. I am guessing it is because I haven't really being eating properly this academic year and am not doing any proper exercise. I am pretty sure that I have also put on a bit of weight which normally I would be happy about but not when it is all fat so I have decided to get myself back into shape so that I am less vulnerable to illnesses.

So I actually went for a proper food shop yesterday. Everything I bought was healthy and mostly fresh. I didn't quite realise though how much I bought till I got to the cashier and found out that I'd got £40 worth of shopping (though a fair amount of that came from toiletries and the food for the meal I was cooking for all my coursemates). I had 6 bags of shopping to carry home which was not much fun, especially as it was freezing so not only did I have the bags stopping the blood circulating in my fingers, they were going blue cause of really cold weather.

I was so glad when I got in and just dumped everything in the kitchen while I rested for a few minutes. I didn't quite realise how much it had taken out of me so when I got round to putting everything away I wasn't really focusing properly and ended up knocking over the kettle which Ellie had just boiled over the floor and me which wasn't much fun as I didn't have any socks of shoes on.

As a result I just chilled for a few hours till I was feeling a little but if I am honest I was really using it as an excuse so that I could procrastinate further from doing uni work. I don't really know what it is but I really find it hard to start doing uni work but once I do I can't stop myself and get loads done. I finally got started at about 8pm last night and worked solid for about 4–5 hours so I have more or less caught on the Algebra II module and think I understand a good bit of it now.

Woke up today feeling really rough. It seems like the cold weather yesterday hit me hard so I have had a really nasty cough all day. I could have done with a lie in but I had to go to Nuneaton to learn how to operate the bowling machines for the world record attempt. It was a complete waste of time and have no idea why we were made to it but suppose rules are rules.

Got back from that, grabbed some lunch and then had to dash off to campus to play my warwick uni darts championship quarter final match. I wasn't really up for playing giving I wasn't feeling too good but thought it was better to just get it out of the way. Needless to say I wasn't playing great and lost the first leg but then managed to win the next 5 to go 2 sets up and have a 1–0 lead in the second. Mark (my opponent) needed to win the next leg to stay in the match and it was at this point that almost everyone watching starting cheering him on everytime he threw, especially if he hit a good score but if I hot a good score than they said nothing. I know it wasn't anything personal against me, they just wanted to see a come back from Mark but given the nature of the event we are playing in I thought it was a little inappropriate. I was also starting to feel really weak from playing so many consecutive games so Mark went on to win that game and the next one to take it to 2–1 in sets. He then won the next leg to go 1–0 up in the fourth but somehow I managed to regain my composure and won the next 2 legs to win 3–1 overall. This means I have reached the semis of the tournament which was my aim to just hope that I am a lot better for my next match.

Once I got back from campus I had to start making dinner for all the maths gang. I decided to treat them all to my veggie chilli using Quorn mince and loads of vegetables. It's been a while since I cooked for so many people and I was a little bit worried that they may not like the Quorn mince but thankfully it all went ok. There was enough for everyone and they all seemed to enjoy which was good. The only downside is that Emma now thinks I should cook for us all the time when we live together next year :s

Almost once I had cleared everything away and done the washing up I had to go to play more darts in the Leamington singles thing I am part off. I was getting bored of it but it ain't so bad now and there is only 1 more week to go. The one thing I won't miss is all the smoke. No matter where I sit there is always at least one person smoking around me. It means I always come home smelling like a chimney and it certainly didn't help my throat today. Oh well, at least I won my 2 matches and manged to get away early.

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