August 29, 2007

wishlist #2: Sun iLOM RConsole over ssh

Another thing that would make my life easier; Sun have a fantastic java GUI console redirection tool that you can use with their iLOM to get the system graphical console output. But it works by communicating over a variety of ports that our firewall doesn’t allow, so I can’t use it from home.

Surely there should be an option somewhere to tunnel it all over ssh instead? There must be an easier solution than VNC-ing (over ssh) onto my desktop at work and running the rconsole from there?

(Yes, I could ssh straight in to the ilom and get the text-only console. But it seems a shame to let the lovely graphical version go to waste…)

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    If you know what the ports are you want to connect through, you could always tunnel through your work machine and then connect it to Localhost? :)

    29 Aug 2007, 23:31

  2. Chris May

    Unfortunately, the console is a java webstart app, which is served up pre-configured by the ilom webserver, and I can’t see any way to fool it into connecting to localhost instead :-(

    30 Aug 2007, 09:18

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