January 08, 2007

This morning's sunrise

Writing about web page http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrismay/tags/sunrise/

7:45am, today, in Leamington. Lasted for about 5-10 minutes, which by pure fluke coincided with me wandering out to get my bike from the garage, before it faded away.

Sony DSC H2: 1/15s at f/6.3, ISO 80

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  1. John Dale

    Very nice. Did you use a tripod or other means of support, or have you just got the steadiest hands in the world? Anything below 1/30 is pot-luck for me.

    Also your drop-shadows are a bit heavy. Want to borrow mine? :-)

    09 Jan 2007, 09:27

  2. Steve Rumsby

    Spectacular! Sunsets and sunrises are my favourite subjects. I just don’t get up early enough, often enough, to catch many sunrises:-)

    09 Jan 2007, 09:52

  3. Chris May

    Thanks :-)

    John: I did indeed use a tripod; despite the H2’s mighty image-stabilisation hardware, I didn’t want to trust to chance! I’m still at the ‘what does this switch do’ stage as far as drop-shadows, framing, and other such decoration is concerned. What I really need a one-line script that does it, rather than having to exercise choice and judgment in the matter

    Steve: I have small children, so getting up by 7:30 is rarely a problem!

    09 Jan 2007, 10:12

  4. Steve Rumsby

    I also have small(ish) children. But since they are at school I spend they early mornings getting them up, fed, dressed and equipped with packed lunches. I don’t get out of the house until sunrise is well and truly over. Only when the kids are off school do I get that chance – hence the two sunrises I’ve managed to snap in the last week.

    Both of those make me glad I’ve got a phone with a half-decent camera built-in, and I’m definitely of the opinion that camera phones are genuinely useful and far from just a novelty.

    09 Jan 2007, 10:30

  5. It would be an interesting exercise to work out from the skyline, where in Leamington the photo was taken. Near the golf course?

    11 Jan 2007, 12:05

  6. Chris May

    Interesting, but rather hard :-) Clue: It’s in Radford Semele.

    15 Jan 2007, 11:31

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