June 15, 2006

Session 5: Spring + JPA integration

[Rod Johnson]

(Rod Johnson sounds just like the 'dead ringers' version of Rolf Harris, which makes it harder than it should be to take seriously :–))


– make it possible to switch providers – plug the gaps in the spec

– make it simpler to use JPA

– will be the main focus of Spring's ORM support, going forwards


– instrumentation of classes – either done at compile–time or at load–time; load–time is a big performance hit; compile–time is a pain for testing. Spring 2 has a LoadTimeWeaver which is class–loader scoped, either using it's own custom classloader, or ussing weaving capabilities from Oc4J, Resin, or Weblogic where available.

– Custom EntityManagerFactories – Local and Container contracts . Since spring is doing all of the container's work, it makes testing very straightforward.

JPAVendorAdapter and JPADialect to facade away the bits outside the spec

– spring injection of EntityManager, or JPA–style injection, or JPATemplate
– Exception Translation either through JPATemplate or via AOP, if you mark up your code as @Repository (== 'class is a DAO')

– AbstractJPATest – super–easy–to–use test superclass for JPA integration testing

– right now (spring 2.0)

– spring 2.1 – leverage load–time weaving, add criteria API abstraction, other cool stuff

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