March 17, 2005

Programme Information Pages

Gavin Bell, Matt Biddulph, Tom Coates (BBC)

Identifiers If you give something an ID, it becomes addressable. Bar Codes --> MS Aura project, ASINs-->Navigable site + API, Postcode -->maps,

BBC are rolling out UIDs for their programmes: PIPs – a database of information about all the BBC's programmes

Packaging and grouping programmes is complex – they fit into a large variety of different categories. Programmes are sometimes nested e.g. a particular event within Grandstand.
The data is scattered between about 15 assorted systems, with no common key
Logistical problems – last minute scheduling changes, legal rights, size of the bbc

core element: the episode
extra info: brand ('the office','absolutely fabulous'), groups ('season 1','book of the week'), versions.

The web product (done for radio 3 now)

  • A page for every episode of every programme that the bbc creates
  • structure was a simplified reflection of the data structure to enable navigation between episodes and brands
  • every episode uniquely identifiable and addressable for ever
  • persistent schedules
  • starts to put the infrastructure in place for av-on-demand

Data architecture: inputs

  • most consistent source of data is EPG (Electronic programme guide) – but the data here is very sparse – just time and title
  • SMEF - Standard Media Exchange Format – very detailed logical model for broadcast info data
  • Local production data may be added in automatically, and can be added by hand


  • Read-only ReST
  • Have an RDF rendition because the data is highly linked

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