July 15, 2008

Opensolaris adventure, part 4; a quick diversion into iLOM

Follow-up to Opensolaris adventure, part 3: pkg from Secret Plans and Clever Tricks

Whilst I’ve got a machine that I can happily reboot without pissing anyone off, I thought I’d see if I could do anything to improve the default iLOM setup.

By default, the iLOM GUI console redirection is enabled, but not the serial console. This is ok, but it has some issues. You can’t use the GUI console if there’s any kind of firewall between you and the server, since it initiates connections to the server on random high ports. So ssh-level access to the console would be nice.

Going into the ilom and doing ‘start /SP/console’ produces no output. A bit more googling suggested that doing eeprom console=ttya might help, so I tried that. Now when rebooting I get output, and once the box is booted I can get a console session via ssh, but I also seem to have aquired a bogus, and totally unbootable, new default entry in the grub menu, titled ‘solaris bootenv RC’ . I note also that the grub menu isn’t accessible via the serial connection – one of the few things that you really would want to be able to access. So that’s not a roaring success, then …

So, I tried eeprom console=text to put it back, which disabled the text-based console access, but still left the bogus grub entry. So, I edited /rpool/boot/grub/menu.lst and changed the ‘default’ option from 3 to 2 (2 being the new snv_93 entry, assuming they’re numbered starting from 0). I also commented out the ‘splashscreen’ entry. Reboot again, and hey presto! I can now select which image to boot from a ssh connection :-)

I suspect that I’ve broken the ability to do serial access to the machine. But TBH that’s probably not too much of a pain. I should probably check that it’s still possible to put a ‘real’ keyboard/monitor/mouse into the back of the box in extremis, should that be needed. Update serial access works just fine :-)

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