May 05, 2007

New Toy: Orange 5

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Another one… I’ve been waiting nearly 6 weeks for this to arrive, and now it’s finally here :-)

First impressions: It’s light, it’s fast; the propedal rear shock is much more effective than the one on the Coiler – you can stomp this up hills and it hardly bobs at all. It soaks up big hits, and whilst it’s slightly more chattery over rough ground at speed, it’s still very stable. And it looks the business…

update I’ve just got back from spending a day ragging it round Coed-y-Brenin, and can confirm that it’s ace.
Pin-sharp handling, light enough to get airborne off the smallest of bumps, but with enough travel to get you out of trouble when it leads you on a bit too far.
Doesn’t quite have the Coiler’s ‘unstoppable force’ feel through rock gardens and the like, but it’s got just the right combination of being light enough that you can point it where you want to go, and stiff enough that it will actually go there.
The light front end (the forks and front wheel together weigh about half of what the coiler’s do) make it much easier to loft the front off drops and land on both wheels, rather than just diving down into them and hanging on the back.
The forks and shock both need a bit of tweaking (I’m only getting about 120mm off the front, but blowing though all the travel on the back), but 10 minutes with the shock-pump should sort that out.
The only downside is that the internal cable routing inside the boxy swing-arm, combined with the super-clicky Hope freewheel, mean that this is not exactly the quietest bike on the trails; get some speed up over the bumps and you’re treated to an ambience not unlike throwing a plumber’s toolbox into the percussion section of a smyphony orchestra. Still, at least other riders know to get out of the way when you’re storming up behind them :-)

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