April 23, 2005

New Toy

I've been pondering for a while whether I could justify another mountain bike; specifically, something a bit burlier than my sylph-like hardtail (now down to somewhere below the 25lb mark, which is pretty bloody light considering it's a got a cheap frame and 2.1" tyres). And finally, I found the offer I couldn't refuse: £300 off an 05 Kona Coiler Dee-lux

And now, having trekked down to Cardiff and back to collect it; first impressions: Unfortunately, having spanged my finger in a crash on thursday evening I haven't yet been able to take it for a 'proper' test ride (I was planning to stop at Cwm Carn on the way back from Cardiff). But it passes the back-garden test with flying colours. The Marzocchi 66 forks are amazingly plush – probably because they've got about twice as much travel as my XC Paces. The bike is a long way off being light, but it pedals surpisingly well - the ProPedal rear shock is very effective. It makes light work of the 'down the garden steps' test, and it looks super-pimp. I can't wait until my hand is better again and I can go and find something steep to chuck it down.

I need to get better home insurance, too…

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  1. Do you get specific insurance for your bikes, or just cover them on the household policy?

    24 Apr 2005, 11:31

  2. Chris May

    Up until now, I've just used our household contents insurance; this has a maximum single-item claim value of £1000 which was OK for the hardtail (a little bit short but not enough to worry about) but for this bike I'm either going to have to find some specific insurance, or some home insurance with a higher maximum claim value. For now I'm making do with some big padlocks and chains!

    24 Apr 2005, 20:29

  3. aron

    i just got a sweet kona dawg

    16 Mar 2006, 14:57

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