August 23, 2006

I like tractors

Tractors are great. They drive at a steady 25–30MPH, and (on account of their less–than–areodynamic design) they pull along a massive slipstream behind them. If one overtakes you whilst you're on a bike, you can usually tuck in behind it without much effort, after which you've basically got a free ride for as long as you and the tractor are going the same way.

The only slight downer is that you've got to stick about 5–10 feet away from the back of the tractor, which means either staring the 3–pronged spiky metal linkage thing in the face (knowing full well that if the tractor decides to stop suddenly, you'll be eating it), or sitting behind the nearside wheel and getting covered in crap every time it goes through a puddle. Small price to pay for the chance to sit back and relax, whilst travelling at speeds that would normally be pretty much unsustainable on the flat, though :–)

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    If one overtakes you

    What are you doing letting a tractor overtake you? I'm disappointed in you Chris – you need to try harder…:–)

    23 Aug 2006, 09:41

  2. Chris May

    :–). The first time it happened, I sat in the slipstream for a while, and thought 'this is easy. I'll overtake him'. Pulled out of the slipstream, and suddenly realised that actually doing 30MPH without assistance is pretty hard work. I think I managed to stay ahead for about 200 yards, until he came past me again…

    23 Aug 2006, 10:01

  3. Steve Rumsby

    I can't manage 30mph without a hill, either long, or steep, or preferably both.

    On the road from Eastern Green into Berkswell (the continuation of Broad Lane) there's a hill approaching Berkswell and a speed sensitive warning sign which I've managed to trigger once or twice. Unfortunately, this hill ends in a crossroads and the sign is not too far from the junction so you have to bear in mind that you need to stop soon afterwards. That mind of discouraged you from pedalling flat out:–)

    There's also one on the way into Meriden, at the end of a long descent. I've never triggered that one, even though I know I've gone past it at over 30mph. Maybe it is broken?

    Like the one on the way into Kenilworth from Balsall Common. I'm never doing more than 20mph when passing that but I have set it off a couple of times.

    23 Aug 2006, 11:43

  4. Leighton Joskey

    5–10 feet away.

    Obviously not muck spreading time then!

    23 Aug 2006, 13:53

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