May 28, 2004

Five more good things

Writing about Five good things from Autology: John Dale's blog

Well, this seems like an idea that can't be allowed to shrivel and die, especially not on a friday…

  1. Strawberries grown in your garden (soon...): The only substance on earth, if recent articles are to be believed, which is both tasty to eat, and in no way bad for you (if you know different, please don't tell me )
  2. Specialized Armadillo kevlar bike tyres. 1800 miles, 0 punctures. Before I switched I got 1 about every 200 miles on average. You can't imagine how much of an improvement that is unless you've spent 30 minutes sitting on the side of the road between Stoneleigh and Cubbington trying to get a patch to stick, while the sleet pours down your neck, then tried to warm your fingers up enough to get the wretched wheel together…
  3. Webcam chats with a 3-year-old . I guess you have to be there for that one, but we like it :-)
  4. OS Maps of the north-west highlands . The reason for the verb 'to pore over'. No. 19 (Fisherfield, Flowerdale) is my favourite I think.
  5. the new Morrissey album : (not really on a par with the other 4 items on this list, but some of the tracks are nearly as good as the old stuff :-)

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  1. We used to grow great strawberries in our garden, but then my dog Xena discovered she likes them too.

    28 May 2004, 16:20

  2. You named your dog Xena? She probably developed her strawberry liking as an act of revenge? hehe…

    28 May 2004, 16:42

  3. Steve Rumsby

    My solution to the "getting the patch to stick" problem is to carry a spare tube. Not ideal if you are into minimal luggage on the bike, but it does make punctures so much faster to deal with…

    01 Jun 2004, 17:36

  4. Chris May

    I usually carry a spare tube too, but on this occasion I had left it behind for some reason (IIRC I had re-packed my panniers the night before, or something). Sods law says that had to be the day I needed it…since then I've invested in a seat-pack so I'm never without tube + tools, but I'll probably still forget my pump the next time.

    01 Jun 2004, 23:34

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