November 07, 2007

Designing Tag navigation

James Kalbach, LexisNexis

  • Metadata: Owner-created (controlled vocabulary), technically generated (search-generated), user-generated (tagging). Which to use is situational; each has pros and cons
  • tagging != tag cloud; there are other ways to present it
  • Why do people tag? 1: to find stuff for themselves 2: To share with others
  • 3 stages of tagging: creating tags; using and managing your own tags; using other peoples tags
  • UIs need to encourage tagging for it to work; make the field (a) visible, and (b) large if you want rich and abundant tags (Which you do)
  • make suggestions for tags
  • provide multiple views onto tags – favourite, recent, popular
  • don’t make tags be the only way of searching for resources
  • allow of combinations of tags (e.g. related tags)
  • allow slicing+dicing: grouped tag clouds
  • Good tag-driven sites: LibraryThing; Buzzilions;
  • tag clouds are inaccessible unless they include some kind of textual indicator of the number of tags rather than just relying on fontsize

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