June 16, 2006

Day 2 Session 5: What's new in Spring 2

  • extensible simplified configuration

util:map and util:list look especially helpful

  • AOP

aop:* tags, AspectJ pointcut language and @Aspect annotation support. Very easy to add AOP functionality

  • MVC updates + SWF
    convention over configuration in MAC, form tag library, Portlet MVC framework

  • Simplified TX
    tx:advice + aop:advisor or tx:annotation + @Transactional

  • Task Executor

– execute some arbitrary runnable, sync, asynch, Thread pooling etc.

  • Asynch JMS

MessageListenerContainer – wraps POJOs and binds to a MessageListener

  • Data Access
    JPA support – make it easy to switch betwen providers, fill in the gaps in the spec. @Repository tag automagically (AOP) does exception translation for you on DAOs. AbstractJPATest allows you to inject EntityManagerFactory, DataSource and TXManager into your tests

  • Multilanguage support

– groovy, jruby, bsh, etc

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