March 15, 2005

Creating applications without software (or at least code!)

Adam Gross –

  • how do you develop an application that's going to be used as a platform?
  • How you develop an application is totally dependent upon the technology in use at the time.
  • Moores law means that stack sizes increase exponentially
  • The desire for more abstraction is what drives the increasing stack size
  • compare and contrast: procedural language dev: c/c++—>vm langs (java/.net)—>scripting langs vs. declarative: html – does less, but does it well, and has a much lower cost of entry
  • how will we spend the next helping of moores law?

– more abstraction

– more separation of definition and deployment of the app

– more utility computing (this won't come without changing the development model – grid won't work)

  • what will it look like?

– new stack

– declaritive app dev with some scripting

– focussed on specific app types

  • Where's utility computing really happening now? Google / Ebay / Amazon etc – big providers with wide APIs. Sforce APIs are 20% of alesforce's web requests. 40% of ebay listings. This is real web services, happening now.
  • next step – on demand app dev – inject your own business rules into an app. provider.
  • is an example of an app/service where end users configure more-or-less the whole application through a GUI. If your application is some kind of CRM-ish thing then salesforce can be customized to host it regardless of your particular data.

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