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October 30, 2007

Spring 2.5 web mvc gripe

Spring 2.5 is almost upon us, so I thought I’d grab the RC and have a look at what’s new.

My eye was drawn immediately to the enhancements to the MVC layer; specifically, support for convention-over-configuration and annotation-based configuration. Both of these techniques should help to reduce the yards of XML needed to configure spring web applications (although to be fair, things have been getting better since 2.0 re-worked the config file formats).

Anyway, I started building a little demo, using the sample apps as a template. And came up against an interesting problem almost immediately. Here’s an excerpt from the docs, showing a MultiActionController using annotated configuration:

public class ClinicController {

    public ModelMap vetsHandler() {
        return new ModelMap(;

    public ModelMap ownerHandler(@RequestParam("ownerId") int ownerId) {
        return new ModelMap(;

Spot the obvious mistake? There is no need for the @RequestMapping annotation to have to repeat the name of the mapping, if every method follows the same convention. Just take ‘handler” off the end of the method name and use that for the URL. Don’t make me type it twice!
What’s more annoying is that this works in the old-style MultiActionController – but if you go down that route your controller methods have to take HttpServletRequest/Response parameters and you can’t use the lovely new @RequestParam binding annotations. Gah!

If you’re content to have a separate controller per URL, with separate functions for GET/POST (SimpleFormController style), then the convention + annotation based approach works pretty well – so it’s a shame that they couldn’t finish the job and sort out MultiActionController as well; then we could have rails-style create/read/update/delete controllers. Oh well…

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