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September 25, 2004

More firefox goodness

Writing about Firefox and go.warwick from Autology: John Dale's blog

While we're on the subject of cool things that Firefox can do that Internet Explorer can't do, here's a couple of bookmarklets that do interesting warwick-related things: Firstly a 'blog this' bookmarklet that creates a blog entry for the page you're currently viewing (some faffing is required to set it up properly – instructions provided), secondly a bookmarklet to look up a book in the warwick library (adapted from Jon Udell's OPAC bookmarklet to work with our slightly non-standard OPAC system)

They're a bit rough around the edges – feel free to improve them. Get them here .

EJB3 and JDO kiss and make up

Writing about web page

It looks like finally there might be some sense being beaten into the Java persistence arena. Following a lengthy and open spat, the spec leads for EJB3 and JDO2 have agreed to work together for a common Object Persistence specification, useable inside and outside of a J2EE container. It seems likely that it will be based on the EJB3 model (which in turn is based largely on Hibernate ), since it's being done within the EJB3 JSR, but the two technologies are so similar now that I don't suppose it will make that much difference. About time, too.


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