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May 25, 2004

Top error page

Writing about web page

note to self: write admin interface to replace any arbitrary sitebuilder page with this

Five things to improve BlogBuilder

Response to prompt "Five things to improve BlogBuilder" (View all responses or all Secret Plans and Clever Tricks responses)

Five things to improve blogbuilder:

  • 'blogroll' (the ability to have a list of hyperlinks and/or other peoples blogs, that I think are interesting at the moment)
  • search. RSS search results would be especially nice
  • Fix all the little wierdnesses about formatting – especially links
  • Allow me to specify that a little arbitrary chunk of HTML (my 'what's playing in iTunes now' page, for instance) should be displayed somewhere on my blog homepage
  • Stop displaying summaries in the aggregate views – it's annoying not to be able to read the whole thing. Don't worry about the lost hits on individual blogs – they're not significant enough anyway.

'Blog this page' bookmarklet.

Writing about web page

I've made a very rough-and-ready bookmarklet that allows you to create a blog entry about the page you're currently viewing. Follow the link above for instructions, let me know if it works for you.

I'll try and refine it, and make an IE version, in the not too distant future.

Caveat Trackbacker

Writing about web page

An interesting example of why you should think harder about displaying trackbacks (over which you have very little control) than comments (which you have quite a lot of control over). Mena blogs about Moveable Type's new pricing strategy (i.e. it's not free any more) and the entire blogosphere shouts as one 'that sucks!'

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