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January 20, 2007

HDR Sunset

hdr sunset

HDR is a way of compensating for the relatively low dynamic range ((in a nutshell, the inability to have lots of very dark detail and very light detail in the same picture) of most digital cameras. Basically, you take a series of exposure-bracketted shots of the same scene, and then some clever software composites them together, using the over-exposed shots to provide the dark detail, and the under-exposed to provide the light detail.

Done well, the results can be absolutely stunning, though I fear I need to practice a bit more before I get there.

details-wise: Sony DSC-H2; 3 shots, taken at f/8, ISO 80, for 1/24, 1/39 and 1/60 of a second. Composited using hdrgen . Cropped, darkened a bit, and contrast tweaked up slightly (possibly too much; the top of the sky is awfully blue, but if I turn it down then the detail of the light on the clouds starts to fade).

edit. Here’s a version with a bit less contrast and a tighter crop to remove some of the worst of the over-blue sky:

hdr sunset 2

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