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January 19, 2007

New tools

I’ve been playing with some new bits of technology. Not very new, but new to me, anyway. JSON and BeautifulSoup.

BeautifulSoup is a Python library, now ported into all good dynamic languages (I’m using the Ruby version), which parses HTML. It’s defining feature is that it’s very relaxed about well-formed-ness. If your markup is fully-validating XHTML, all good. If it’s horrible HTML 3.2 tag soup with unbalanced divs and unclosed tables, that’s cool too. Soup will make a pretty good job, parsing what it can with a DOM, and falling back to regexes, special-cases, and hacks for the rest. Having parsed the markup, it gives you a nice DOM tree, which you can traverse or search as you’d expect.

I’m using it to scrape some information from a webpage, which I then expose as data via a web service, which is where the JSON bit comes in. JSON is a data-transfer language, functionally equivalent to XML, but expressed as Javascript arrays and hashes.
So rather than having to parse a heap of XML, which is awkward and platform-dependent in javascript, you can just eval the JSON string (escaping as needed if you don’t trust your source), and have a pre-loaded object graph spring into existence.

My JSON is loaded after page-loading via a prototype Ajax.Request. The onComplete function evals the JSON, then sets up the innerHTML for a div, based on the objects it got back. It’s really very straightforward – even for a javascript newbie like me.

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