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February 18, 2006

A short ride around warwickshire

It's just too muddy to face mountain biking right now; an hour round Cannock would mean another hour cleaning crap out of the drivetrain and another hour cleaning car, clothes, and anything else that had been within 50 yards of the bike. So something else has to do.

However, bouyed up by beating the car in the "go green week" bike vs. car leamington-campus race earlier this week, I thought it might be fun to take the road bike out for a spin. And indeed it was. The roads were (mostly) dry, the weather was warm enough that I didn't need 8 million layers (note to self: still need thick socks though), and the views were pleasing. East of leamington there's a great network of little villages joined up by quiet roads, and this route takes advantage of many of them. The GPS said 34.5 miles, in about 1hr 50, which I thought wasn't too bad considering the large number of hills between Napton and Burton Dasset.

Bike route east of leamington

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