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September 09, 2005

End of the summer?

Went back to Church Stretton with Patrick for another ride round the Long Mynd last night; it's definitely starting to feel like summer's over and done with.

We set off in persistent drizzle, which persisted (surprise!) pretty much all the way round. This time we went up Minton Batch - which is almost as good a climb as it is a descent, though the rocks were very splippery in the wet, - over the back to Medlicott, then back up to Pole bank and down to Plush Hill and The Batch. The descent over the moors from Pole Bank to the top of the batch was distinctly 'atmospheric', with the cloud right down, and the darkness rapidly approaching. The ground was soaking, and I discovered that the Coiler's fat tyres kick up a lot of spray. Unfortunately I couldn't stop my cheapo glasses from fogging up, so alternated between riding more-or-less blind due to the glasses, or more-or-less blind due to eyes-full of grit. All good fun, plus when I got out of the car 2 hours later I had comedy black tear-stains where my eyes had watered all the mud back out again during the drive home :-)

By the time we got to the batch (about 8pm) it was pretty much dark, which made the descent rather exciting, but we got back to the car without major incident. However, I'm building up a winter shopping list now:

  • HID lights – any more post-work riding is going to need illumination. Given that they start at about £250 it's going to sting a bit, though.
  • Mudguard to fit my 66's – I don't think a crud-catcher will do much good, because the tyres are very fat and a long way from the frame. But Marzocchi make a guard that fits into the bottom of the fork steerer tube which should do the trick
  • Some descent glasses – though I'll immediately lose or sit on them :-(

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