February 22, 2005

My first entry

As the title suggests, I am a blog virgin. Greetings!

Let me say that i find it largely ironic that i have chosen this point in time to construct my first entry – i now have a mere 8 days of revision betwen now and my first exam. In theory i should be stressing out and spending all my free time cramming weird and (un)interesting facts into my brain, yet here i sit, staring at my computer deciding how best to put off doing work. Phrase of the week is most definately "Meh – i'll do it later". Its a triple whammy really, i have exams AND assessed essays AND assessed presentations all due in the last 2 weeks of term, so again i ask myself 'why the hell arent you working?!'......answer: Meh – i'll do it later

Why has it taken me nearly 2 terms since first hearing of the blog to embrace it? Well, quite simply i'm lazy.

Lets step back a bit shall we? (a la hollywood flash back senario).......

My name is Chris and i study Chemistry at Warwick. My course is an MChem with Industrial Training, meaning that i spent my 3rd year working in industry. I came to Warwick in 2001 and have never looked back; actually, that not quite accurate, although i made some great new friends, i was a bit miffed to found out on my return to Warwick that my industrial placment wasn't as essetial to future career prospects as i thought back in year 2…ho-hum. I digress. It was nice to come back to Warwick and get into the student mood again, having left the friends and general social atmosphere (pretty much) where i left them.

I can't believe the university is still in its 'state the obvious' phase with Keleido-slop changing to Café Library/Library Café (which ever it is) – reminds of the 'Airport' and 'Airfare' to 'Bar' and 'Bar Food' some 2 years ago! Anyway, i dont think my opinions on universty-based eateries and their naming are relevant or necessary.

A little about me…..i have loads of work to do right now, i dont how i'm goning to complete it all, i have no idea how i'm going to achieve the grades i want and if this seems hard, how the hell am i going to cope with 3 years of PhD study?!....oh and i also play the guitar – and not even that well :o) All for now kids, TTFN

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  1. Greetings and welcome to ye olde blogging world (says she in the style of a blogging pro who admittedly only remembers/bothers to update her own blog very occasionally!). Hope it brings you much word-filled joy :o)

    22 Feb 2005, 20:43

  2. Chris….tough luck with the Comic Relief game…Its a shame that you were winning for so long and I crept in and stole the lead.

    I think to be fair on your studies (you are obviously a very busy man at the moment, maybe even too busy to read this blog), I will accept that I have won, and won't look down on you if you decide to leave the competition as it stands.

    Of course, If you do wish to partake in a bit more mouse action (which lets face it, you have probably done even before reading this reply), then "It's on like Donkey Kong….Biiaatcchh!"

    Cheerio mate

    23 Feb 2005, 01:04

  3. Miss Thorne – Why thankyou ye olde blogger, i shall try to live up to well established folk heros such as yourself!

    Carl….what can i say mate??.....Perhaps you had better check the scores again. It is ON!

    23 Feb 2005, 13:58

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