February 14, 2010

The good and the bad

What do some families do with 8 cartons of 4pint milk? They come into Iceland every week to get the same it amazes me. Also how do skinny people live on pizza and cake and still remain skinny as a rake, sometimes life is unfair but I guess very few people are happy with their weight/intelliengence/themselves!

Why do girls have to eat less than guys? This sterotype annoys me, if the girl does more exercise or a more physical job then she should be able to eat what she likes..not a Ceasar Salad with no dressing ...boring!

January 26, 2010

Feeling a bit down

I had a lovely time with Andrew on friday, we went to a beautiful restaurant and chatted for ages, was a lovely evening. Did a volenteer project on the saturday to clear a wooded area in order to put some new play equipment there for the children of a local primary school.Felt really good to help them out. Stewarded Nick Drake, not really my kind of music but I guess its nice to try new things! Did spin on saturday morning which was quite tough and then went to see Kat at Coventry Uni. It was sooooo lovely to see her and we got a coffee, she got some pick and mix and we bitched and complained about our lives it was fab!! Lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Monday I was upset I feel I have put on weight again (typical girl hey?) Was exhausted so after my stats lecture I slept from 1-5pm, then ran around to get ready for swimming, lasted 30min and then came home. Wasn't feeling overly great. Went to work to steward a film called 'Welcome' a lovely french film about an Iraq refugee trying to cross the channel to find his loved one, unfortunately he dies trying (bit depressing really!)

January 19, 2010

Keeping myself busy

Went to the dry slope ski race session on saturday, was totally boring with rain and everyone was sooo friendly to me, didn't really get the hang of it, was snowploughing the whole time but it was sooo much fun after a can of Rockstar!

Squash was good fun too, I'm way too competitive for my own good but it was a laugh and I was exhasted afterwards!

Salsa was amazing! I am on such a high after prancing around, being lead by some lovely guys spinning and flicking etc. Ohhh how dance makes you feel alive!!

January 15, 2010

New Union and my attempt to be sociable

Went to circuits with Steve and Soph which was really good fun :) Came back at 7 got ready for 8pm, to go see the new union, didn't leave till 9.15! Got there at 9.30, not majorly impressed with it, a few pretty lights and overpriced bars. Managed to survive until 11pm. Had guiness spilt down me, got elbowed and stood on, surrounded by tipsy/drunk students thinking they can get away with being sleasy or complete twats because they had a pint or two...I wish I could say the music was alright..but nope. At least the bouncers were friendly

First week over :)

This week has been a bit up and down but been bearable. Really looking forward to skiing with warwicksnow on sat that should be awesome! Badminton was fun as was core, and so was drinks after with the tri team, but as always I was a bit quiet and didn't really join in as much as I should. Tried spinning thursday morning and am in agony still friday evening, but no pain no gain! Done a LOT of reading! Think I've had enough at least until tomorrow! Just ate my 4th omelette in a week yummy!! Living on a diet of chicken omelettes and apples can't be that bad surely...

January 13, 2010

Stressed out..D

Don't know why but really stressed out at the moment. I have quite a lot of maths work to do, which I should be doing instead of being on here but needed to de-stress!! Report was nagging at me but that is done now!! Tried to open up a bank account with Natwest, and they told me I would have to shut my lloyds account and couldn't get the railcard free anyway so stuff them! Then phoned Iceland and asked for a part time job after working as seasonal staff and they want 8hrs instead of the 4 I was willing to offer so now I might be doing thursday and friday nights 2-6, can't decide if its a good thing or not. Need to lose some weight and be more sociable, again sitting here is probably not helping that!! Trying to join some more clubs...have to make the most of my time I guess! 

January 10, 2010

First Day Back

My parents very kindly drove me back, as I was not looking forward to carrying this giant half the size of me cushion back to uni on the train!! Got back, realising again I have bought waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much and I do not have the space so again my room is a mess!

For the new term ahead I hope to stay on top of my reading (yeh right!), attend all lectures, attend all training sessions - cutting it down to Swimming, lifesaving,triathlon, ballet and rowing. And socialise more (because I'm a grumpy lonely student lol)

Must set up a bank account, get some shifts at the Warwick arts centre, check if Iceland are giving me any more shifts, book into the squash course and lose the xmas weight! Goal is 9 1/2 stone by easter!

Right here we go again...

December 13, 2009

London Comp – Lifesaving

Caught the bus at 9.15 and chatted to Dan...and probably annoyed him but he was stuck with me for the whole bus ride. Got the train into London at 10.30 with Louisa and Liz, I slept most of the train (how unsocialable of me!) once through the maze of underground we arrived 2 hrs early so me Liz and Dan decided to take the taup (big yellow foam lifesaving aid) for a trip round London....after many strange looks and some quite odd photos we headed back!

I slept through isolation (the whole 2hrs of it!!). Dry incident was a building site, 2 of my team got electrocuted and died so we didn't do amazingly well, the wet was a pool party with a lot of drunk people. Swimming races were amazing fun as per usual, definately noticed the difference in distance (33m pool instead of usual 25m). All was good :) We came 13th just after A team who came 11th..go B team go B team!!

Had a rather interested conversation on the back and I shared maybe a little too much info about myself but I do love and trust my lifesaving crew so hopefully 'what was said on the train stays on the train'

Dunsmere Xmas Party

Soph and Mike very kindly cooked 14 of us a full Xmas dinner and we had crackers and drinks and it was a very pleasant evening. I didn't realise how much I really like the 14 of us that I ate with....the other half of Dunsmere was quite unsocialable and watched a film on the other side of the room...each to their own!

Had a wonderful evening and very grateful to everyone who organised it!

December 11, 2009

Last day, swimmers and pavement–hogging pedestrians

Last day of term 1..wooo its gone extremely quickly...quite worryingly quickly really thinking I have first year finals in 2 terms. Not good!

First rant - why make all the effort to go to the swimming pool, get changed, get in and then just stand in the most annoying place on the edge so the people actually swimming can't tumble turn or push off the wall??? Some people I do not understand...you do actually have to swim for it to be counted as exercise you know!

Second rant - why do people hog the whole pavement, went on my evening jog and people instead of moving to one side of the path seem to have a sudden fear of the road and the grass on the other side of the path and want to stand bang in the middle walking annoyingly slowly so I have to go on the grass (and get covered in mud and also have the chance of slipping on my face) or go in the road (and jump in a puddle or get run over by some crazy student driver rushing to get home)...what happened to considerate people in this world??

Rants over...I'm off to my final lecture!

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