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January 15, 2010

New Union and my attempt to be sociable

Went to circuits with Steve and Soph which was really good fun :) Came back at 7 got ready for 8pm, to go see the new union, didn't leave till 9.15! Got there at 9.30, not majorly impressed with it, a few pretty lights and overpriced bars. Managed to survive until 11pm. Had guiness spilt down me, got elbowed and stood on, surrounded by tipsy/drunk students thinking they can get away with being sleasy or complete twats because they had a pint or two...I wish I could say the music was alright..but nope. At least the bouncers were friendly

First week over :)

This week has been a bit up and down but been bearable. Really looking forward to skiing with warwicksnow on sat that should be awesome! Badminton was fun as was core, and so was drinks after with the tri team, but as always I was a bit quiet and didn't really join in as much as I should. Tried spinning thursday morning and am in agony still friday evening, but no pain no gain! Done a LOT of reading! Think I've had enough at least until tomorrow! Just ate my 4th omelette in a week yummy!! Living on a diet of chicken omelettes and apples can't be that bad surely...

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