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December 11, 2009

Last day, swimmers and pavement–hogging pedestrians

Last day of term 1..wooo its gone extremely quickly...quite worryingly quickly really thinking I have first year finals in 2 terms. Not good!

First rant - why make all the effort to go to the swimming pool, get changed, get in and then just stand in the most annoying place on the edge so the people actually swimming can't tumble turn or push off the wall??? Some people I do not do actually have to swim for it to be counted as exercise you know!

Second rant - why do people hog the whole pavement, went on my evening jog and people instead of moving to one side of the path seem to have a sudden fear of the road and the grass on the other side of the path and want to stand bang in the middle walking annoyingly slowly so I have to go on the grass (and get covered in mud and also have the chance of slipping on my face) or go in the road (and jump in a puddle or get run over by some crazy student driver rushing to get home)...what happened to considerate people in this world??

Rants over...I'm off to my final lecture!

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