December 09, 2009

Nearing the end

Sent my last assignment off, finished my last 2 exams. Just 3 more lectures to sit through and its Christmas!!!! Exams went ok I found one of them really difficult and was a bit down when I found the result but I guess its a learning curve. Can't win them all...and all that rubbish that keeps me from dropping out!

My room is a tip..must sort that out but everytime I start I find something that is obviously much much more important to do!! Had to have a small eating day today due to the immense meal yesterday and significant weight gain :( Small eating day consisted of 3 plums, 3 hot chocolates, 2 coffees and a can of coke. Grand total of about 260cals probably not majorly healthy but no pain no gain (or loss in my case :)) and still surviving off yesterday's food!

December 08, 2009

Xmas gone to pot

Well now I don't have full time hours over xmas I have no idea what to do! Picked up some shifts at the arts centre which should fill some of my day. Maybe a bit of sleeping? Wanted to look into volenteering or anything really. Definately going to catch up with my mates who I miss dearly! Also going to help out my parents as they have done so much for me over the las 19 yrs of my life and really I haven't done enough to re-pay them.

Weight 143.2lbs (bad eating day yesterday...oh and there was pie!)
Boy situation Single but me and Adam are close :)
Work Two exams left and I'm done!
Mood Bit upset about my xmas but overall good :)

December 07, 2009

Iceland and my pie

Found out iceland are NOT giving me full time hours as previously hoped they are only giving me 2 4 hr shifts so sooo annoyed ...have to make new plans for xmas now!!

On a happier note attempting a chicken and veg pie from scratch to take my mind off crappy iceland mucking me about! Covered basically the whole kitchen in flour! Just waiting for it to cook now! Yummy pie!!!

B'ham Splash

Absolutely fantastic evening! Got there at 5pm ready for a 6pm start. Fancy dress (we won!) in our giant kingsized sheet with eye holes cut out. Then various swim races from holding a bowl of water with water in for 25m, to passing a t-shirt back and forth to 4 different tows to rope throw!! I flashed the whole pool when carrying the t-shirt down my costume! Liz had to do a cheek to cheek tow on me and I cheered her her on the whole way down even when she took water in and couldn't breathe she kept going ...good effort liz!! I did a chest tow on Stu which was interesting but really good fun. Got a medal and a trophy and a free buffet! And got to see Char for a bit. Good evening all round :)

December 05, 2009

House shopping

Went with my house crew for next year (2 Mathematics, 1 Morse and 1 Biochemist) to look at some houses. Took us 45min to see this point I excused myself as I'm really not majorly fussed. I'm going to be boring and work hard next year so will be on campus most of the sporting activities so I will only be there to sleep so as long as its clean and has no mould or damp I'm quite happy. The two houses we saw are about 10-20min walk from campus...quite impressed. Not suitable non-student accommodation by any means but nice rooms, kitchens, lounge. No walls falling down or rats or ancient furniture as I was expecting. Decorating is about 50years out of date but that can be sorted and they seem to like dark wood panelling (feels like your on a boat!) but I can see myself living in these houses ...its only a year after all...

The greatness of BBQ Sauce

Just a note. This sauce is amazing! It actually goes with anything and will make anything (even food that is probably isn't edible) taste better. Def. going to buy some more!

December 04, 2009

Bad day with the diet

The goal is 140lbs. This morning I was 144lbs but today was an awful day for eating...was exhausted from TWO firealarms last night and had work at Iceland but I'm just making excuses :(

Ate 1 Lion Bar, 100g chicken and 50g veg, 1 snickers bar, 1 tin of tuna, 80g veg, bit of cottage pie, 1 yorkie bar, 6 hot chocolates. I hope thats it. 3 chocolate bars what was I thinking :( I did swim for an hour this morning but don't think that will counteract it! Ah well count this day as a mistake and start again tomorrow!

Considering I used to be 170lbs I've done quite well since March last year. If dieting and being slim was easy everyone would do it I guess!!

A little moan …

'You can't say have a safe journey home because it worries old people' You what??? Did I hear you right??

Saw a woman have a full on tantum because Iceland don't do take away trolleys...a few people who do not speak a word of english...teenage mums who can't be over 17...etc. etc. you get the gist of the lovely people who use Cannon Park. Really want some chocolate but its cold and I'm meant to be dieting :(

Arghhhhh I need to calm down

December 03, 2009

Gentleman do exist!

Just had the most splendid evening with Adam. Dinner was fantastic (I love food so not hard) but was very very posh!! Just laughed for the whole evening and the walk back. And he is such a gentleman its actually sooo nice and maked such a nice change! So glad they are actually out there!


Went to work at the Arts Centre to see this play designed for 3-6yr olds. It was pretty good actually nice way to spend an hour. Love the people I work with so really cheered myself up :)

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