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October 05, 2006

Bad Dreams

I usually don’t remember dreams. I think I must have been really tired these three nights that I’ve been having so many strange dreams that don’t really fall into the category of nightmares.

The first night I had a really stupid dream. I dreamed that I was licking my molars (teeth in the back) to the point that they fell out of my mouth and my gums were bleeding. It was sort of like visiting the dentist to get your teeth pulled out, except you were doing it to yourself instead of getting assistance from the dentist’s iron wrenches. It was quite realistic because I could taste blood in my mouth.

The second night I had a series of strange dreams. I was submerged in water, and I started to drown. The next thing I knew I felt as if someone had thrown me into a wall. I could feel myself being slammed into a wall. I prayed and asked for God’s help and the series of strange dreams just stopped (divine interference?).

These are really stupid dreams, but if Freud did a psychoanalysis on me I wonder what he would have said about the teeth and what dark secrets the dark unconsious has in waiting.

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