October 12, 2009

Hopefully , the internet is ok !!

The internet disconnect for about 2 days dut to electricity overload.

And my blog also pause as well ~

It's really surprising me that Blog just like drugs for human(at least for me),because u have to do something in order to fill the content.

With this amazing innovation, I can plan my next step better.

Furthermore, I can look back what i have been done.

What an incrediable creactivity , is not it ???

(By the way, the first time I wrote about this can't be  published and disappeared. So, this is my second work !)

Reducing project risk /part1/overview

part1 is an introduction to risk , including categories, key elements and steps of risk management.

This book is a bit too old (published in 1997), but conduct basic knowledge and tools of reducing project risk.

At the final part, there is a case study, the let readers can more understand  how the theories is applied into practice.

I would like to finish it in one week , hopely ~

then I would write more about it.

October 10, 2009

It's 11:49 PM already !!

Oh, time pass so quickly that I have no awarness^^""

I have dinner with some friends, and I cook all the meal

It taste not bad and most important is we have a good time.

But cooking is really let me feel anxious~~

Why it can not be easier !!


October 09, 2009

Ready to start

This week is induction week, so we have spare time in the morning in order to manage some sundry duties(banking , NHS registration...etc)

And we also have some presentations from our tutors in the afternoon that give us more understanding about the courses and WMG.

I am luck that I can have chance to return back the campus and study with so many young & wise mates.

I swear to myself : I will fulfill myself in the following year (become much better than I am now !!)

Go~~~Jimmy !!

Course Schedule

Sweet corn soup

The weather is getting colder ~

I try to cook a soup

That's it :Sweet corn soup ~^^~

I stir-fry some onion and flour first with oliver oil and butter

,then pour water and some salt and sugar in order to add  flavour.

When the soup begins to boil, put cream corn.

Wait it boil again.At the final stage i put some milk ~ strange flavour ?

Lovely , i can have a hot soup and enjoy it ~~ ( But it's a bit too sweet , never mind ~~)


First blog

This is my first trying to run a blog ~

So, now I have more thing to do.

In the following year, it will be busy.

I hope i can have patientce to tackle all challenges, like i did in workplace.

The year will also be productive and unforgetable~

See u next year ~~!!

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